After almost three decades of living with thick curly hair, I’ve realized it’s going to do what it’s going to … How else are you going to define those curls and get them to pop? Mousse. Good. It was moderately moisturising. So probably a better option. Curlsbot Ingredients Analyzer . Creative Problem Solving for a Zero-Waste Future. My sister uses it. water to evenly distribute it. Fortunately, there are many Curly Girl Method approved products available and they’re all fantastic. Customer service is excellent too. And all that for good reasons. on the road again #2. my favourite podcasts your own Pins on Pinterest As we’ve mentioned before, the truth is, you should always feel free to tweak and adapt these rules to work for you and your own hair, so you’re by no means doing anything wrong if you should decide to bend them a little bit here and there. There was a time that I nearly gave up. The main factor behind the Curly Girl Method is the total or partial elimination of shampoo, which will encourage the natural oils present in our hair to take on the job of moisturizing and nourishing dry, split ends. It’s about embracing and enhancing your hair’s own natural texture, whatever that may be. It's free of parabens and sodium lauryl sulfate. You can link to it in replies to others questions if relevant. She has been following the Curly Girl Method and living a clean lifestyle for many years. Shea Moisture’s 10-in-1 Renewal System with a superfruit complex is another great option, as it can be used for multiple purposes: as a cleanser, a rinse-out and/or leave-in conditioner. A site to help you know what hair products are approved for the Curly Girl (or Guy) Method. This is the best time to comb and untangle your hair using your fingers. Chances are, you’ve been shampooing, conditioning, towel and blow-drying, combing and brushing your hair for years and can hardly imagine a hair care routine that doesn’t involve these seemingly crucial elements. 32 oz Chufa Milk: rich in vitamins and minerals to nourish, moisturize and revitalize hair Quinoa Protein to strengthen, protect, condition, define and add shine to hair Olive Oil provides moisture,... Coconut and hibiscus curl and shine shampoo with silk protein and neem oil, This moisturising styling cream detangles, conditions and controls curls while restoring body and shine. My low waste and minimal hair care routine using the curly girl method. Plus, most of them were packaged in plastic and full of questionable ingredients. Giovanni Direct Leave in Conditioner – This is an extremely light conditioner, which is great for low porosity or fine hair. Use your hands to form a cup, collect some water in it, and use it to squish it into your ends and up towards the scalp. Sadly not the shampoos. The residue could leave your curls looking and feeling greasy. One HUGE mistake I see curly girls make is jumping into their curly girl journey with no plan of tracking their progress. Zero Waste Plastic Free Curly Girl Approved Budget Friendly Read to learn more of my secrets! After researching the method, I found that I already knew the basics; Sulfate-free shampoo, scrunch up curls in a cotton t-shirt or microfibre towel, avoid using heat and use a low-heat diffuser to dry if you don’t have time to air dry. Grab a strand of hair and slide your fingers towards your scalp; smooth rides indicate low porosity hair and clumsy slides are a sign of high porosity. Enter the name of the product. In fact following the Curly Girl Method was initially more that a journey, it was also a struggle, and I am a hairdresser! Coily curls like to be wrapped up for around 15 minutes; this natural form of heat will give it a great moisture boost. Cantu’s Curl Activating Cream smells just as good as it works, and you only need little to make curl magic happen. Curl Low Poo Original Mild Lather Cleanser 12 Oz, Shea Moisture Raw Shea Butter Moisture Retention Shampoo, 379 ml, Aubrey Organics Island Naturals Shampoo, 325 ml, Giovanni Hair Care - Direct Leave-In Conditioner, 8.5 fl oz liquid [250ml], DevaCurl One Condition Decadence - Hair Conditioner (Women, Curly Hair, Moisturising, Softening, Bottle, Chufa Milk: Rich in Vitamins and Minerals to Nourish, Moisturise and Revitalise Hair, Apply a Generous Amount of Conditioner to Wet Hair and Use Your Fingers to Gently Detangle your Curl), Vo5 Moisture Milks Conditioner Cream, 12.5 Oz, Strawberries (Pack of 1), Shea Moisture Coconut and Hibiscus Curl and Style Milk, 254 ml. Hello fellow UK curly girls! Work desired amount through hair and style. Finish by adding a squishing technique similar to the one used to condish (minus the water, plus the edge of your towel or t-shirt, known as “scrunching”), and you’ll be left with extra definition. Package Description: 8.5 fl. Zero waste shampoo, zero waste conditioner… finding eco-friendly hair products that actually work can seem pretty impossible! The Curly Girl Method is an approach to caring for curly hair that is unique and involves choosing the right cleansers, conditioners, and drying techniques. Welcome to Curly Girl Approved. This shampoo contains delicious all-natural ingredients which include desiccated coconut pieces, fresh papaya, free range eggs, coconut oil, jojoba oil and cocoa butter. Once you feel it needs a good cleanse and moisturizing, hop in the shower and get to work. It’s going to be a haircare journey you’ll never come to regret. United Curls (Formerly Curls Girls Uk- The Original, Following The CGM) has 102,573 members. 3. Here are all the things you should do! So, let’s dive right into the do’s and don’ts of the Curly Girl Method: Now that you’re ready to embrace a whole new outlook and method to your curly hair care routine, it’s time to familiarize yourself with the “rules” of the Curly Girl Method. Ingredients include jojoba seed oil, sunflower oil and provitamin B5. Gel Hydrating Conditioner that effectively soothes the sunburn, minor burns, redness and itching. If you follow the curly girl routine like I do or just have curly hair and are searching for suitable zero waste products I’ve made this guide for you! I used to straighten my hair with heat for years but stopped in January. Your ultimate product guide to the Curly Girl Method. When switching over to natural hair care, knowing how porous your hair is will make it easier for you to find the best product for your hair. If you feel you can’t live without one, opt for a Denman brush. Always check product labels to ensure it does not contain any of the ingredients mentioned above. Before you get all geared up and ready to dive into applying the Curly Girl Method on your own hair, it’s a great idea to try and determine your hair type and porosity to help you prepare for a personalized approach to your curls. These shampoos are free of these ingredients and therefore won't harm delicate curls. While the guidelines in Massey’s book are mainly based on curly, wavy and afro hair textures, you can personalize the method to fit the needs of your own head of hair. // As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. I personally don't mind my shrinkage, but the great thing about this method is that it can be Amica soap do a whole range. Like the squish to condish method, for example. I started using beauty kubes conditioner but my hair does not like it yet. Saponified shampoo bars aren’t curly girl, and you need to be careful of waxes in products. Cross posted on r/zerowaste I love having my curls, but love the environment a little bit more. As we’ve already discussed, it’s not like the CGM requires you to give up on washing your hair altogether. If the Curly Girl Method works for you, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t use it on your kids too. It might look intimidating at first, but it’s actually extremely simple to use. You can do this before or after applying gel to your hair. See my zero waste curly girl hair care routine here!In sticking to my zero waste beauty routine, I needed a zero-waste yet curly girl friendly hair gel. Und das anstelle eines Shampoos! Some are personal, such as our choice of weekly deep-conditioners or the tunes we lip-sing to and the hair product bottles we use as our microphones, for example. Any zero waste curly girl products. If you haven’t seen it already, make sure to check o… They’re also way more concentrated than regular products so it’s designed to last up to six times longer! The best types of styling products for curly hair tend to come in the form of a liquid, cream or gel and there just isn’t a huge range of companies in the UK (at the moment) that offer plastic free options for these products. Curly Wurly is an invigorating yet tropical cleansing experience from one of the UK’s largest vegetarian friendly retailers. At the moment I'm using Swell + Heavenly rinse + a tiny tiny bit of Miracle light oil at the ends. This recipe is incredibly easy and it’s all over the internet. Sulphates are what make for that foamy, lathering effect we’ve all come to associate with the ultimate cleansing agents. How the CG Method Came About This method was first made popular in December 2001, when hairstylist Lorraine Massey released her hair-care guide, Curly Girl: The Handbook . Recipe: DIY Curly Girl Hair Spray. The Curly Girl Method is a set of hair care “rules” that are meant to help you care for and enhance your natural wave or curl pattern. If you’re a devotee of the Curly Girl Method (known as CG) then you also might be confused about why I won’t follow it. Don’t worry, you don’t have to go cold turkey, you can wean yourself off at your own pace. You’re going to want to find a light co-wash, one that won’t weigh your hair down leaving it looking greasy upon drying. Some of the results produced on my fellow frizzy heads with their previously distressed waves are unbelievable. To say I was a little Hold your hair in this position for around two minutes, then move on to the next section of hair; repeat the process until you have gone through your whole head of hair. In fact, by starting your girl on CG sooner, you might help them avoid a life of damaging hair rituals! Don’t use heat to dry, style, curl, straighten and even wash your hair. I started following Curly Girl Method Uk around 2 years ago for a year and it was a journey! Don’t – wait for it – brush or comb your hair. Note: this won’t MAKE your hair curly. A diffuser is an attachment that comes with most modern hairdryers and is designed to evenly distribute low heat through your hair and enhance your curl pattern. If you want to go full-on radical, you can also opt to wash your hair with baking powder or apple vinegar. Once you’ve applied your gel for ultimate curl definition, you’re going to want to take the preventative measure of scrunching out its cast. I have been waiting to post this video for a long time. In fact, most of us can’t even fathom a styling routine that doesn’t involve the use of a hairdryer. In Deutschland ist es (noch) nicht so üblich, die Haare nur mit Spülung zu waschen. Any zero waste curly girl products. Enter the ingredients separated by commas. Hey all! Opting for sustainability fits in perfectly with the CGM’s natural approach to curl care and styling, so refrain from investing in imported gels and casts from the United States or elsewhere, and opt for those available at your local supermarket instead.
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