Crazy Egg vs. Hotjar. Knowing that information can help you identify the optimal length for a landing page, ensure important information isn’t too far down the page (where no one sees it), and find the sweet spot for buttons, forms, opt-ins, and other CTAs. “Crazy Egg has offered us the missing piece to our website analytics. That’s why we’re not investing into also offering A/B testing tools that can help you validate whether a certain approach is working or not. It uses mouse tracking technology to establish how your website … Hotjar’s previous method of data capture was based on the process of manually creating … Cons Hotjar offers a free plan with nearly all the features of the Crazy Egg basic plan for nearly $300/year. That means you can see, for example, whether the messaging of a particular PPC campaign affects where or how often the resulting visitors click on the landing page. Also, it would be nice if Crazy Egg billed monthly, vs … Their plans differ based on the features included in each: Enterprise or Business. FullStory offers more than a dozen pre-built integrations, geared more toward the support, UX, and product management crowd. Crazy Egg allows you set when the test should conclude, which can be helpful if you need to manage monthly visitor usage. Crazy Egg can be used for that, too, but Hotjar brings you wider insight by pairing behavior and feedback data. Alternatives. And for you, the best thing about our team is the level of support we provide: all in-house and localized in EU and US timezones, too. You can then keep this qualitative data in mind as you review Session Recordings, which are playbacks of the actions your visitors took while navigating through multiple website pages: Filters such as ‘rage click’ and ‘u-turns’ in Hotjar will let you zero in on sessions where users click repeatedly, likely out of frustration, or land on a page and immediately return back to a previous one. That means you should have data based on 10,000 visits at the end of the day. Hotjar Alternative – Luckyorange. Hotjar works differently from other tools that capture data based on data points. Crazy Egg is the best option for intermediate and advanced marketers and CROs. You can look at click behavior for new vs. returning visitors or break it down by device. Catch up with her, Crazy Egg vs. Hotjar vs. FullStory: A Comprehensive Comparison (Plus Who Each Tool Is Best Suited for). While Hotjar is the industry leader for heatmaps and behavior analytics, Crazy Egg may be better suited for tracking specific users. Here are the features that stand out for Crazy Egg vs. Hotjar vs. FullStory, along with example use cases of those features. Our tool offers five different types of Reports: As the original heatmap software, our Heatmap Report  quickly shows you where people are clicking on your webpage. Meanwhile, Hotjar launched in 2014 with 5 co-founders and a mission to democratize analytics and feedback. Why is time on the page so low? The List Report shows you the raw numbers of clicks on each element of a page. At Crazy Egg, we get that. That’s why comparing us with other tools (including Hotjar and FullStory) is an important step in choosing your web optimization solution. Compare Crazy Egg vs Hotjar. Best For: Businesses of all sizes, … Hotjar offers a free plan with nearly all the features of the Crazy Egg basic plan for nearly $300/year. One quick note about using FullStory: Both Crazy Egg and Hotjar are GDPR-compliant tools — we don’t track individual users. Hotjar is best for beginner-level marketers, FullStory is the best option for support, product, and user experience teams. And that’s what we’ll cover on this page: TL;DR: what’s the difference between Crazy Egg and Hotjar? We’ve heard from some of our customers that they used the country filter on their Confetti snapshots to identify new potential markets to target. We’re obsessed with being easy all around, because that’s in line with our mission to give all businesses the power to improve their users’ experience. And because our tool has a free forever plan, why not sign up and see for yourself? The second type of heatmap, known as move map, aggregates mouse pathways to show where users are moving across the screen. If you’re hoping to see a stand-off with Hotjar versus Crazy Egg, we must ask that you stand down right now. We can see what changes were made and where the changes were made.” – Fred R. on G2. Starting Price: $39.00/month. Crazy Egg vs Hotjar vs FullStory Features. We track everything on your page, and that includes all clicks, whether visible or non visible elements. Just like Hotjar, Crazy Egg includes scrollmaps and supports collecting … We also offer a 30-day free trial that’s available on all four of our pricing tiers. However, our commitment to democratization is still very much in place—we still have the same free forever plan that anybody can sign up to. And when you use Heatmaps, you can always pair the behavioral data points with direct feedback you collect on specific pages. Identify issues and pain points that make people leave your website, Better understand how your pages really perform (and why), Better investigate what Google Analytics alone won’t tell you, Need a tool that is powerful but simple and easy to use, Want to better understand user behavior so you can improve UX and increase conversions, Want to know both HOW and WHY things are happening on your site, Want the peace of mind that comes from a large, international team of 90+. The fact that we’ve got 90+ employees from 15 different countries—all working remotely—means more for you than you might think. Here is something that happens a lot: you find a data point inside Google Analytics that looks interesting, but don’t understand why it exists or what it means. Both competitors offer heatmap reports supported on mobile devices. FullStory does offer a free plan that gets you up to 1,000 pageviews per day, plus a 14-day free trial of their Business edition. Hotjar is used by businesses selling online and their UX teams, marketers, product managers, and owners when they have questions about ‘how’ and ‘why’ people use a website that traditional analytics tools can’t answer. If you’re comparing Crazy Egg’s and Hotjar’s free trials, you may be wondering which one you should go for. Installing Hotjar and Crazy Egg heatmapping tool onto our site was a simple process: both services gave you a piece of code that could be added directly in the header of your site. But, if your traffic spikes at noon and you get 8,000 of those visits in an hour, Hotjar will still only record 420 of them—so you end up getting only a tiny sample of the visitors in that busy hour recorded. Our approach to privacy (2019 and beyond). Our software tracks every visitor to your webpage, then gives you the option to sample your data as needed. Knowing that means you can better optimize the blog post to meet visitors needs and to keep them moving through your website. Mobile: Heatmaps – see where visitors click on desktop sites and tap on mobile/tablet devices: Yes: Yes: … Each dot represents a click, and the color denotes how those clicks break down. And, while we’d love to work with every team out there, we know our web optimization platform isn’t perfect for everyone in the world. With Hotjar you can discover user issues and explore their causes, analyze trends that you see in Google Analytics, monitor page performance in better detail, hear directly from your visitors, and gain a deeper understanding of the results of any A/B tests you might be running. If you aren’t sure where to begin heatmap testing, the conversion funnel analysis can be helpful in visualizing the funnel and figuring out where the most people drop off. 2) Hotjar is laser-focused on businesses selling online. Flexibility to use our built-in A/B testing or integrate with your favorite tool. It means that we’re happy. Is it a problem if the bounce rate is high? Hotjar claims to be an “all in one marketing … An Ecommerce Homepage Analysis, Crazy Egg is the best option for intermediate and advanced marketers and conversion rate optimization (CRO) pros, Hotjar is best for more beginner-level marketers. While Crazy Egg integrates with SurveyMonkey to accomplish this, there’s something to be said for getting both features in one package. Getting a general overview of what’s happening on the page—are the clicks highly concentrated or spread out? Compare Hotjar with the biggest competitors in the Dashboard market like Google Analytics, Crazy Egg … Marketers today have a lot of website optimization tools to choose from. Hotjar vs. Crazy Egg Comparison Conclusion So to figure out which between Hotjar and Crazy Egg is the better website and conversion rate optimization solution look inwards. Our List Report is designed for the numbers-oriented crowd. This gives pretty immediate insights into which menu items, icons, links, buttons, CTAs, opt-in features, or other elements are getting the most action. Crazy Egg: Visualize where your visitors click.Crazy Egg gives you the competitive advantage to improve your website in a heartbeat without the high costs; Hotjar… As we said from the outset, we know Crazy Egg isn’t the right website optimization tool for every company or person out there. Without that ability, you’re stuck looking through multiple recordings just to find someone who’s experiencing the issue you want to investigate. Besides, Hotjar and Crazy Egg provide scroll maps. See a head-to-head of the top two top user experience platforms: hotjar and crazyegg We tested them both for you so you can be sure you're using the best platform for your business. About Hotjar. Here’s another example: In the screenshot above, we filtered to see only the clicks from users located in India. Hotjar has some of the simplest pricing structures on our list. Determining which elements visitors engage with the most. This is what the site looked like in October of 2014, when we were still in public beta: We, too, decided to offer a free version of our product so that teams of all sizes (including small teams and businesses without a lot of traffic and/or funding) could understand their website visitors better. Namely: If that sounds like just what you’ve been looking for, come give us a try. Heatmaps have a ton of uses, as more than 300,000 customers over 14 years can attest to: Scrollmap Reports show you how far the average user scrolls down a page — including the most common scroll depth. We’re especially loved by B2C companies like TomTom, Ryanair, Matalan, and many others who want to make the right website changes, improve UX, and increase conversions and revenue. The ability to work seamlessly across the rest of your marketing and user experience stack is one of the most important must-haves for a website optimization tool. It gives you a more granular look at where people are clicking on your website. In short, Snapshots show you an overview of how people interact with a given webpage. With tools such as Feedback Surveys and Session Recordings, Hotjar helps you investigate these scenarios—but you get more insight from Hotjar than from Crazy Egg here. Including Computers Electronics & Technology, Business & Consumer Services, Lifestyle, Finance and 20 other categories. $24.00/month. At Crazy Egg, our pricing model is pretty simple. Plus, whether those interactions are purposeful clicks (such as clicking on a CTA) or are they unpurposeful clicks (like clicking in dead space). Hotjar is for you if you: We hope you found all the information you needed. They take all of that useful data and average it together to show you an overview of click behavior — which means you miss out on vital context. It's also possible to see which one provides … Crazy Egg (93) 4.2 out of 5. You can test on all devices or be specific (i.e. Hotjar vs Crazy Egg; Hotjar vs Crazy Egg. Crazy Egg has a wider audience than ours, and might be a better fit for lead gen websites and education companies. Hotjar is evolving in the way that it captures user behavior data and delivers insights. Within those, the main factor that changes is the number of pageviews you get per day. Compare Crazy Egg vs Hotjar in Heat Map Software category based on 426 reviews and features, pricing, support and more Here are the features that stand out for Crazy Egg vs. Hotjar vs… When benchmarked against Hotjar & Optimizely, Crazy Egg won out. … Crazy Egg: Hotjar: Supported Devices: Desktop. Hotjar also offers heatmaps, scrollmaps, and live session recordings, among other features. Crazy Egg rates 4.2/5 stars with 93 reviews. Since FullStory’s product is targeted a little differently, their tool places more emphasis on sessions recordings over heatmaps or snapshots of a web page. With all the factors that pricing is based on (from sessions to storage to features), it can be hard to compare plans directly. Another example involves form abandonment. Just saved me tons of time debugging a customer issue.” – Mike Champion, HubSpot, “We use it for supporting our customers on a daily basis. For example: In the screenshot above, we’re looking at how all the clicks in the report break out by referrer. For example, if visitors aren’t clicking on your CTA, you can use heatmaps to compare results before and after changes in positioning, copy, color, and more. That’s why we’ve added more than dozen built-in integrations, including: Plus, you can use our simple script to add Crazy Egg to any app that accepts third-party scripts. Not only do we understand how visitors interact with our clients’ websites, but we also can understand what needs to be changed on the websites to create a better user experience.” – G2 review, “If you need to figure out which elements of a web page are getting clicks, and measure versions against one another, Crazy Egg is the answer.” – Jay Baer, Convince and Convert, “We use Crazy Egg to improve our performance with our ad campaigns (mainly Google Ads), and we use it to inform our team on various site improvements we can make over time to fight off stagnation.” – G2 review, “The recordings are the most useful tool on Hotjar…you are able to see how users interact with your website. According to the vast majority of customers we’ve spoken to or who have reviewed our tool, Hotjar offers—by far—the best tools to complement Google Analytics. For that reason, we explain each tool’s basic pricing model and share the plans they offer. Each product's score is calculated by real-time data from verified user reviews. Crazy Egg did too, a few years back, but as of 2019 it only offers a free 30-day trial on all subscription plans. As you go up, plans are designed to allow customers to track more pageviews and record more sessions. Their aim was to make conversion rate optimization easy and give people a visual way to analyze website performance. Best of all, Hotjar is easy to share with team members, and makes it easy to get results so you can make the most impactful changes to your site. 2 Crazy Egg hasn't got a lead over Hotjar … I also gave it a 9 because I feel as though the software [Crazy Egg… Overlay Reports tell you what specific number of clicks and percentage of total click behavior occurs on each element of your webpage—that’s in addition to the more relative click frequency data shown in traditional heatmaps. About Hotjar Hotjar … Hotjar rates 4.3/5 stars with 185 reviews. All three tools we’re comparing here offer heatmaps, but there are additional features at play that vary between them — including the level of depth in each heatmap. 2 Inspectlet hasn't got a lead over Hotjar … With better insight into what is a heatmap and how it works, let us discuss the two best heat mapping tools in the market. Our Confetti report is all about adding context and breaking that down to see who is doing all that clicking. By running a List Report on that page, you can figure out why — you can see where those users are clicking to leave the page and adjust the link available, if necessary. Crazy Egg vs. Hotjar vs. FullStory: A Comprehensive Comparison (Plus Who Each Tool Is Best Suited for) We’d love to work with every team, but we know our platform isn’t for everyone. Hotjar Feedback Surveys are a hassle-free way for users to share their thoughts and needs with you. Hotjar will record data from roughly 420 pageviews each hour (10,000 daily pageviews, divided by 24 hours a day). This helps you find relevant recordings from people who are struggling, so you can review them and find out what might have gone wrong. We would even pay 10% more for monthly billing, vs … For example: In the screenshot below, there were 53 clicks on “common problems marketers and business owners.” Five times as many people clicked on that text as clicked on the actual link on “getting higher conversion rates.”. We also worked to make our product affordable by building data collection processes around sampling and giving customers the option to use fewer data points at a lower monthly price. Because Hotjar provides real business value so quickly, it’s relatively easy to get approval for. Swati Gole Posted on April 2, 2019 Posted in Featured, Tools No Comments. Crazy Egg vs. Hotjar vs. FullStory Features. The three tools we are comparing here offer heat maps, but there are additional features at play that vary between them, including the depth level in each heat map. FullStory’s pricing model is the toughest to compare side-by-side with Crazy Egg and Hotjar. Freshmarketer, a product of Freshworks (which previously acquired Zarget) is an online feedback tool that helps you to… ClickTale - Visualize visitor's interactions. For one, we think we’ve built a tool that strikes the ideal balance between visuals and numbers. 4) Hotjar has a fully transparent approach to business and customers: we've been documenting our journey along the way, we take pride in being a fully remote team of almost 100, and we bring you in-house, localized support across EU and US timezones. Crazy Egg started off as a design agency and then relaunched as a SaaS product in 2006. Using website analytics you can easily pull data on your top-performing and lowest performing pages, but you won’t necessarily understand what makes a winner from a loser. Get the latest CRO, SEO, design, and ecommerce marketing tips delivered straight to your inbox. This can help you gauge attention in certain areas and learn if users are moving their mouse in a place other than your main CTA buttons. So if you fall into one or more of the categories above, using Hotjar helps you: How easy is it for your website visitors to find what they’re looking for? Hotjar gives you the full picture of user behavior with tools that help you not only reconstruct the … Read more → check out our introduction to on-site surveys, this list of 20+ poll examples from real websites, and our extensive guide to Session Recordings. So, for example: Let’s say Hotjar predicts you’ll get 20,000 visits in a day and you’ve selected their 10,000 daily pageview plan. We’re a freemium product, meaning you can get started for free at any time. The last difference we’ll mention has to do with A/B testing your website. Share. Crazy Egg vs. Hotjar vs. FullStory: A Comprehensive Comparison (Plus Who Each Tool Is Best Suited for) February 11, 2020 by Kiera Abbamonte Marketers today have a lot of website optimization tools … If you’re hosting an e … Tablet. For example, Google Analytics might show that a particular webpage has a high exit rate. The results are: Hotjar (9.6) vs. Crazy Egg (8.9) for all round quality and performance; Hotjar (98%) vs. Crazy Egg (39%) for user satisfaction rating. Note: Rather see for yourself than read a comparison? Yep—you can only watch sessions from people who gave you negative feedback via Incoming Feedback. Hotjar, on the other hand, doesn’t offer any built-in integrations. based on data from user reviews. Crazy Egg vs Hotjar: What are the differences? That said, there are quite a few plans to choose from. If people aren’t getting past the top section, that means it didn’t hook them into reading/going further. We think those customers often tell the story best, so we’ll let them take it from here. The all important question: How much do these tools cost? As both companies have grown, we also started seeing further differentiation, with Crazy Egg expanding their focus on A/B testing and Hotjar doubling down on better understanding user behavior. Today, our team has grown from 5 to almost 100 members spread across the globe (we are a fully remote company), and our mission is re-focused around giving businesses of all sizes the insights they need to build experiences users love. Add Product. “Matomo” may not be a popular name but when it comes to offering reliable web analytics, it’s at par with the best in… With Hotjar, you gain both behavioral insight and feedback from your visitors that you can use in conjunction with each other and with website analytics to become a UX and customer experience master. The third type of heatmap, known as scroll map, shows how far down the page your users are scrolling. Mobile: Desktop. Hotjar automatically samples your data — based on their predictive modeling — before it’s even collected. From the beginning, there have been differences in the missions and pricing models of CrazyEgg and Hotjar. Too little red on a scroll map is a definite red flag. comparison of Crazy Egg vs. Hotjar. CrazyEgg vs Mouseflow Overview How CrazyEgg Works. Mobile). Unlike all-in-one alternatives, Neil Patel’s CrazyEgg is a heatmapping tool. With Hotjar, you can use user feedback to filter out session recordings. Comparing Alternatives: Hotjar vs Crazy Egg. Full data collection and sampling flexibility. Point number two is about how these two types of data interact. Located in Boston, MA, she loves cinnamon coffee and a good baseball game. These are the features that stand out for Crazy Egg vs. Hotjar vs… Overlay Reports can also tell you where users are clicking because they expect a link when there isn’t one. When you only use Google Analytics, you can measure goal conversion rate, discover exits and exit rates, monitor traffic, and measure your user base (new versus returning) without ever really understanding why and how things are happening.
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