[121] The same year, the band were inducted into the Hollywood RockWalk in Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles. [173] The double disc set covers the period 1990–2010 (the band's most recent eight studio albums),[173] and, as on Somewhere Back in Time, live versions with Bruce Dickinson were included in place of original recordings which featured other vocalists, in this case Blaze Bayley. [54] In recent years, Dickinson stated that the band treated this as "silliness",[55] and that the demonstrations in fact gave them "loads of publicity". [238], In 2008, Kerrang! [277], Singer Bruce Dickinson, who typically works in collaboration with guitarist Adrian Smith,[278] has an operatic vocal style, inspired by Arthur Brown, Peter Hammill, Ian Anderson and Ian Gillan,[279] and is often considered to be one of the best heavy metal vocalists of all time. Il loro successivo tour mondiale, il World Slavery Tour, fu il più lungo mai sostenuto dalla band durando tredici mesi, per un totale di 360 concerti. 1, originally recorded by Dickinson's solo outfit for the soundtrack to A Nightmare on Elm Street 5: The Dream Child. [171] Nel mese di settembre 2012, il bassista Steve Harris ha confermato che il VHS Maiden England sarebbe stato ripubblicato nel 2013 sotto il titolo di Maiden England '88,[172] con la data di pubblicazione fissata per il 25 marzo nei formati DVD, CD e LP. They completely got the wrong end of the stick. Al disco partecipò il nuovo batterista Nicko McBrain, ex collaboratore di Pat Travers e dei Trust, inserito nel gruppo in seguito alla defezione di Clive Burr, uscito per problemi di stress e salute. The sixteenth studio album, The Book of Souls, was released on 4 September 2015 to similar success, topping the charts in 24 countries.[3][4]. L'album, grazie a canzoni come la title track, Wrathchild e Murders in the Rue Morgue, ebbe buone recensioni,[48][50][51] ma non riuscì a bissare il successo del primo album,[52] raggiungendo il 12º posto nelle classifiche del Regno Unito. Tennero il primo concerto lo stesso anno al Cart and Horses, un pub di Stratford. View Iron Maiden's concert history along with concert photos, videos, setlists, and more. Band" e "Golden Gods Award". Retrieved 4 April 2020. After another tour and some more time off, the band recorded their next studio album, Fear of the Dark, which was released in 1992 and included the stand-out title track, which is now a regular fixture in the band's concert setlists. [19], La prima formazione comprendeva, oltre ad Harris al basso, Dave Sullivan e Terry Rance alle chitarre, Paul Day alla voce e Ron "Rebel" Matthews alla batteria. [152], The last part of the tour took place in February and March 2009, with the band, once again, using "Ed Force One". Nella musica dei loro primi anni, nonostante il chiaro orientamento verso un hard rock ed heavy metal abbastanza simile a quello espresso da Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Thin Lizzy e Judas Priest,[1][8][184] vi erano anche diverse influenze punk introdotte soprattutto dal cantante Paul Di'Anno grazie anche alla sua voce ruvida e potente. In ogni copertina firmata "Derek Riggs" si può notare un curioso simbolo che identifica l'autore. Sampson comparirà quindi solo nel brano Burning Ambition, lato B di Running Free. The band's discography has grown to 40 albums, including 16 studio albums, 13 live albums, four EPs, and seven compilations. [120] Cause principali di questo cambio furono il sacrificio, deciso dal nuovo produttore Nigel Green, di parte della potenza delle chitarre, la voce di Blaze e i problemi familiari di Harris che, oltre ad aver da poco perso il padre, si era anche separato dalla moglie. Harris and Murray remain the band's longest-standing members and have performed on all of their releases. [230][231] Both current and former Dream Theater members John Petrucci, John Myung, and Mike Portnoy have stated that Iron Maiden were one of their biggest influences. [54] The band's manager, Rod Smallwood, later commented that Christians initially burnt the records, but later decided to destroy them with hammers through fear of breathing in the melting vinyl's fumes. Dai concerti nipponici venne estratto un EP, intitolato Maiden Japan e venne anche registrata per la prima volta una loro esibizione dal vivo pubblicata poi con il titolo Live at the Rainbow.[56]. [56] Although Harris stated that his dismissal took place because his live performances were affected by offstage activities,[57] Burr objected to this, and claimed that he was unfairly ousted from the band. [76], During the following tour, the band headlined the Monsters of Rock festival at Donington Park for the first time on 20 August 1988, playing to the largest crowd in the festival's history, with an estimated 107,000 in attendance. [203], On 1 October 2020, the band announced that they will release a live album from the Legacy of the Beast World Tour called Nights of the Dead, Legacy of the Beast: Live in Mexico City. [223] Nel 2002 sono stati premiati con l'Ivor Novello Awards, per i loro successi internazionali. [202] However, in May 2020, the band announced that all concerts for the year had been cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, with tour dates rescheduled for 2021. Iron Maiden. Iron Maiden’s The Trooper, the song, inspired by Lord Tennyson’s poem about the Battle of Balaclava. Nella band entrò così Adrian Smith, amico d'infanzia di Dave Murray e già chitarrista degli Urchin.[34]. 1 in the UK charts,[75] although it only achieved a Gold certification in the US, in contrast to its four predecessors. While not a concept album,[137] war and religion are recurring themes in the lyrics, as well as in the cover artwork. Gli Iron Maiden (IPA: [ˈaɪ̯ə(ɹ)n ˈmeɪ̯.dən]) sono un gruppo musicale heavy metal britannico, formatosi a Londra nel 1975 per iniziativa del bassista Steve Harris. Il disco presentò elementi rinnovati rispetto ai due precedenti album e fu caratterizzato da nuove e arricchite sonorità rispetto ai precedenti dischi, grazie soprattutto alle capacità vocali di Bruce. [4][72], Musicalmente l'album presentò nuove influenze sonore tratte dal rock progressivo,[73] con brani più melodici e strutturalmente più complessi e ricercati. [77] The tour concluded with several headline shows in the UK in November and December 1988, with the concerts at the NEC Arena, Birmingham recorded for a live video, entitled Maiden England. [212] In 2008, he was awarded the "Icon Award" at the Metal Hammer Golden Gods,[216] while Gibson.com describes him as "the most recognisable metal icon in the world and one of the most versatile too". The typeface originates with Vic Fair's poster design for the 1976 science fiction film, The Man Who Fell to Earth,[218] also used by Gordon Giltrap, although Steve Harris claims that he designed it himself, using his abilities as an architectural draughtsman. It features the first part of The History of Iron Maiden series, a 90-minute documentary which describes their beginnings in London's East End in 1975 through to the Piece of Mind album and tour in 1983. To me, he was the quintessential old-school heavy metal singer. The release was a critical and commercial success, earning the band their first top ten in the Billboard 200[138] and receiving the Album of the Year award at the 2006 Classic Rock Roll of Honour Awards. Iron Maiden - Iron Maiden - Visions of the beast - The official video history 1980 - 2001 - DVD DVD - Pop . [261], The aircraft, named "Ed Force One" after a competition on the band's website,[148] was flown by Dickinson, as he was also a commercial airline pilot for Astraeus, and plays a major role in the award-winning documentary,[262] Iron Maiden: Flight 666, which was released in cinemas in 42 countries in April 2009. [159] Flight 666 was co-produced by Banger Productions and was distributed in cinemas by Arts Alliance Media and EMI, with D&E Entertainment sub-distributing in the US. 1 in 28 countries and received widespread critical acclaim. 16 in the UK; the band's lowest for a new studio record. L'album venne molto apprezzato,[75] e il brano The Trooper divenne una delle canzoni più note del gruppo.[76]. Iron Maiden were formed in 1975 in Leyton, East London by bassist Steve Harris, formerly of the band Smiler. 4 in MTV's "Top 10 Greatest Heavy Metal Bands of All Time"[207] and No. [98] The band toured for the rest of 1995 and 1996, playing for the first time in Israel and South Africa,[101] and ending in the Americas. [46] For the last show, and in anticipation of their forthcoming album, the band played "Children of the Damned" and "22 Acacia Avenue", introducing fans to the sound towards which they were progressing. [184], Following confirmation from the group that 2010's The Final Frontier would not be their last album,[168] Bruce Dickinson revealed plans for a sixteenth studio record in July 2013, with a potential release date in 2015. [187] On 18 June 2015, the band's website announced its title, The Book of Souls, and confirmed a release date of 4 September 2015. La band rimase molto soddisfatta dell'album, a tal punto che decise di riproporlo interamente durante i concerti successivi alla pubblicazione, assieme ad altri 5 pezzi storici, ovvero: The Evil That Men Do, Fear of the Dark, 2 Minutes to Midnight, Hallowed Be Thy Name e Iron Maiden. [234] and "Fat Lip" by Sum 41. Forming in Leyton back in 1975, their combination of bombastic heavy metal, headbanging riffs and falsetto vocals has earned them the millions of fans all over the world, with countless sold-out … Running Free 6. Dance of Death riuscì a raggiungere elevate cifre di vendita rispetto alle ultime uscite discografiche degli Iron Maiden. Intendendo celebrare pertanto il ritorno alla vecchia formazione, gli Iron Maiden diedero il via al The Ed Hunter Tour, durante il quale i sei si ritrovarono a suonare brani di vecchia data come Aces High, Phantom of the Opera, Powerslave e Wasted Years. Venne deciso di ingaggiare Dickinson il quale, poche settimane dopo la conclusione del festival, entrò nel gruppo. [53], The Beast on the Road's US leg proved controversial when an American conservative political lobbying group claimed that Iron Maiden were Satanic because of the new album's title track,[51] to the point where a group of Christian activists destroyed Iron Maiden records as a protest against the band. 8),[97] although it would go on to win Album of the Year awards in France and Germany. [17] At the same time, Moore was asked to leave as Harris decided that keyboards did not suit the band's sound. In 1981, Iron Maiden released their second studio album, Killers. [148] They played their first ever concerts in Costa Rica and Colombia and their first shows in Australia and Puerto Rico since 1992. Everything made me a fan. 1 record[50] and additionally became a Top Ten hit in many other countries. ", "Blood and Iron: HM from the punky East End and nothing to do with Margaret Thatcher, sez Deaf Barton", "Iggy Pop 'Living Legend' At Classic Rock Awards", "Wheatus Digs Up "Dirtbag," Gives Props To Iron Maiden", "Clive Burr, former Iron Maiden drummer, dies at 56", "Iron Maiden Announce Final 'Somewhere Back in Time' Dates", "Iron Maiden: The Movie! [128], In 2005, the band announced the Eddie Rips Up the World Tour, which, tying in with their 2004 DVD entitled The History of Iron Maiden – Part 1: The Early Days, only featured material from their first four albums. Credo che abbiano avuto un enorme impatto su tutti gli aspiranti cantautori.»[191] Alexi Laiho disse che il gruppo britannico influì su certe armonie e certi assoli di chitarra dei Children of Bodom. [193] As with 2008–09's Somewhere Back in Time World Tour and 2010–11's The Final Frontier World Tour, the group travelled in a customised aeroplane, flown by Dickinson and nicknamed "Ed Force One", although they used a Boeing 747-400 jumbo jet. [74] After his contributions were not used for Somewhere in Time, Dickinson's enthusiasm was renewed as his ideas were accepted for this album. I mean, we got on well professionally for, like, eleven years, and so ... after I thought about it, I didn't really have a problem with it. Oltre alla musica, venne curata anche la scenografia dei concerti, spesso accompagnati da effetti pirotecnici, in genere prodotti dagli stessi membri del gruppo. 4 in the UK Albums Chart. Iron Maiden are considered one of the most influential and successful heavy metal bands in history, with The Sunday Times reporting in 2017 that the band have sold over 100 million copies of their albums worldwide, despite little radio or television support. [194] The band completed the tour in 2017 with further European and North American shows. Visualizza tutti i formati e le edizioni Nascondi altri formati ed edizioni. I'd heard Jimi Hendrix using legato when I was growing up, and I liked that style of playing. [260] The aeroplane was converted into a combi configuration, which enabled it to carry the band, their crew and stage production, thereby allowing the group to perform in countries which were previously deemed unreachable logistically. [224], Due anni dopo vinsero il loro primo Metal Hammer Awards come miglior gruppo britannico live grazie al tour dell'album Dance of Death. [154] The band also played another show in India (their third in the country within a span of 2 years) at the Rock in India festival to a crowd of 20,000. Abbiamo raccolto da molte fonti legali di film di alta qualità, limonate, che in realtà hanno a guardare qualsiasi sito Web su Internet per guidare film veramente buono. [155] The final leg ended in Florida on 2 April after which the band took a break. [36] In addition to the title track (a live version of which would be one of the first music videos aired on MTV),[37] the album includes other early favourites such as "Running Free", "Transylvania", "Phantom of the Opera", and "Sanctuary" – which was not on the original UK release, but appeared on the US version and subsequent remasters. Il cantante indicò la Sanctuary Records come responsabile della rottura del suo sodalizio artistico con il gruppo e disse che le cause furono le pressioni esercitate su Harris dall'etichetta discografica, assieme al management del gruppo, per mandarlo via. [254], Transformers author Bill Forster is an avowed Iron Maiden fan and made several Iron Maiden references, including song lyrics and the phrase "Up the Irons" in his books, including The Ark series and The AllSpark Almanac series. [191] In addition, the release's closing song, "Empire of the Clouds", penned by Dickinson, surpassed "Rime of the Ancient Mariner" (from 1984's Powerslave) as Iron Maiden's longest song, at 18 minutes in length. [250] Their music also appears in the Guitar Hero and Rock Band series of rhythmic video games. Charlotte The Harlot [84] The album, No Prayer for the Dying, was released in October 1990,[86] and contained "Bring Your Daughter... to the Slaughter", the band's first (and to date, only) UK Singles Chart No. Harris prese l'ispirazione per il nome del gruppo guardando il film L'uomo dalla maschera di ferro,[18] in cui compariva lo strumento di tortura detto vergine di Norimberga o "vergine di ferro" (in inglese iron maiden). "[22], On New Year's Eve 1978, Iron Maiden recorded a demo, consisting of four songs, at Spaceward Studios in Cambridge. Entitled Iron Maiden: Flight 666, it was filmed during the first part of the Somewhere Back in Time World Tour between February and March 2008. Motivo di questa crisi fu anche, secondo molti, l'arrivo del cantante Blaze Bayley che, al contrario del suo predecessore, aveva una voce molto bassa e profonda. Anche se il disco raggiunse l'ottava posizione delle classifiche nazionali,[122] la scelta di Blaze come sostituto di Dickinson venne criticata dai fan.[16][120]. Tried and failed to get a scoop on History of Iron Maiden Part 4 the other day. [9] After months of rehearsal, Iron Maiden made their debut at St. Nicks Hall in Poplar on 1 May 1976,[10] before taking up a semi-residency at the Cart and Horses Pub in Maryland, Stratford.[11]. [109] L'anno successivo gli Iron Maiden crearono un nuovo tour intitolato A Real Live Tour, dal quale furono tratti altri due album dal vivo: A Real Live One[110] e A Real Dead One,[111] entrambi riuniti nel 1998 con il titolo A Real Live Dead One. [12] Wilcock's friend, Dave Murray, was invited to join, much to the dismay of the band's guitarists Dave Sullivan and Terry Rance. [34] Stratton portò con sé anche il nuovo batterista Clive Burr che andrà a sostituire Edwards. Nel 2005, per celebrare i 25 anni di carriera del gruppo, venne pubblicato Numbers from the Beast: An All Star Salute to Iron Maiden, composto da cover eseguite da artisti di band differenti. So you combine all that with the heavy riffs and the speed, and you've got it. For The Book of Souls World Tour in 2016, the band upgraded to an ex-Air France Boeing 747-400 jumbo jet, supplied by Air Atlanta Icelandic (registered TF-AAK)[265] and customised by Volga-Dnepr Gulf,[266] which allows for more space without the aircraft having to undergo a significant conversion to carry their equipment. [4][34] L'8 febbraio venne pubblicato il singolo Running Free, il quale raggiunse il 34º posto nelle classifiche britanniche[35] e portò la band a suonare alla trasmissione Top of the Pops della BBC. [205], Iron Maiden were ranked No. [89], In 1993, Dickinson left the band to further pursue his solo career, but agreed to remain for a farewell tour and two live albums (later re-released in one package). Interview with, Rolf "Rock 'N' Rolf" Kasparek, Arched Bridges Beware CoC talks to Mike Amott of Arch Enemy, Dissecting a Decade of Dismemberment CoC interviews Dismember's Matti Karki, Here is an exclusive Frank Aresti interview from March 1999, Craig David makes up for Brits snub with Novello titles, METAL HAMMER GOLDEN GODS AWARDS: Complete List Of Winners, LAMB OF GOD, IRON MAIDEN, SLAYER, MACHINE HEAD Among 'Golden Gods' Nominees, Heavy Metal World Cup: And The Winner Is…, FLIGHT 666 wins major award at prestigious SXSW Film Festival. [13] Fondamentale per questo cambiamento fu l'arrivo del cantante Bruce Dickinson, dotato di una voce molto potente, acuta ma allo stesso tempo pulita.[62]. Come tanti gruppi heavy metal di quegli anni, anche gli Iron Maiden furono oggetto di accuse di satanismo da parte di alcune organizzazioni religiose[68] le quali, in occasione dell'uscita del terzo album, tentarono di boicottarne la distribuzione, giungendo al punto di bruciarne varie copie in pubblico. [159] A different aeroplane (registered G-STRX)[263] was used for The Final Frontier World Tour in 2011 with altered livery, adopting the artwork of The Final Frontier album,[264] and features heavily in the 2012 documentary "Behind the Beast". Recorded in Mexico City in late September 2019, it was released on 20 November 2020. Importante risultò il contributo di Adrian Smith, che partecipò in maniera evidente alla composizione dei testi e delle musiche come ad esempio in Wasted Years, caratterizzata dal celebre riff iniziale; altri brani che diverranno celebri furono Heaven Can Wait e il secondo singolo, Stranger in a Strange Land. Poco dopo, venne creato un nuovo tour denominato A Matter of the Beast, la cui scaletta comprendeva tra le tante anche cinque brani tratti dall'ultimo album e cinque provenienti dal terzo album The Number of the Beast. [58] Soon afterwards, the band journeyed for the first time to The Bahamas to record the first of three consecutive albums at Compass Point Studios.
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