In March, it upgraded the threat levels for both the shortfin and longfin mako sharks from vulnerable to endangered. Prohibited species—there are more than 20 species of sharks that cannot be landed (e.g., white, dusky, basking, longfin mako, night). March 27, 2019. In March, it upgraded the threat levels for both the shortfin and longfin mako sharks from vulnerable to endangered. The delegates will debate the proposals that would list shortfin and longfin mako sharks, 10 species of wedgefish and six species of giant guitarfish on Appendix II of CITES. 42 concerns the inclusion in Appendix II of the shortfin mako shark, Isurus oxyrinchus, in The species is considered highly migratory, but very little is known about the biology of longfin mako sharks because they are often mistaken for, and possibly counted as, shortfin makos. The longfin mako was also listed as endangered. The updated assessments and peer-reviewed research comes four months after the IUCN announced an upgraded threat level to Endangered for the shortfin and longfin mako sharks with a 90 percent decline in the Atlantic over the past 75 years. In 2019, the IUCN Shark Specialist Group (SSG), with support from the Shark Conservation Fund, issued two sets of stark warnings. As a result, nearly half the 60 shark species most wanted for their livers—including the scalloped hammerhead, the longfin mako, and the whale shark—are considered vulnerable to … The longfin mako shark is a large, predatory shark that lives worldwide and reaches a maximum length of 14 feet (4.3 m). Fishing in the Atlantic kills 25,000 endangered mako sharks each year Against the capture of tens of thousands of endangered sharks in the North Atlantic, environmentalists protested from Greenpeace on the action ship “Esperanza” west of Portugal. This comes after its status was updated from “near threatened” to “vulnerable” back in 2007. Urgent action is needed to halt the decline of the world’s fastest sharks – the longfin and shortfin mako – after a global authority on threatened species upgraded their status to Endangered, say the Australian Marine Conservation Society (AMCS) and Humane Society International (HSI). Rebecca Regnery, Humane Society International wildlife senior director, says: “Over-fishing, including for the lucrative Asian shark fin market, is having a devastating impact on longfin and shortfin mako sharks. Shark dealers are required to attend Atlantic shark identification workshops to help them better identify shark species. Now, both the longfin mako shark and the shortfin mako shark have made it to the list, with the shortfin mako shark being of particular concern. Overview Prop. “Sharks Under Attack” is on the banner used by activists to confront a Spanish fish trawler. The meat and fins of makos are valuable in many countries, according to the release, though there are no international fishing quotas for the sharks. CONFIRMING THAT SHORTFIN AND LONGFIN MAKO SHARKS FULLY MEET THE CRITERIA FOR INCLUSION ON CITES APPENDIX II This document has been submitted by Senegal in relation with proposal 42.1 1.
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