We use … Prewired Passive Harness (Volume-Volume-Tone) $38.00 Control Configuration Volume Volume Tone Description This 3 control passive prewire is intended for instruments with 2-pickups, and a single tone control like the Fender Jazz ® bass. Each of our custom pre-wires are built in house and utilize only the highest quality electronic components.Whether it be a P Bass with single Volume & Tone, or a Jazz Bass with either a Volume, Volume, Tone or a Volume, Blend, Tone or something more complex these harnesses make a perfect addition to any passive build. Christchurch 8053 I was re-wiring my '98 MIM Fender Jazz Bass and was looking for a significant upgrade in tone (new pickups, etc). A genuinely ingenious product. I've got an American Deluxe Jazz V that I've just never really liked. Wiring HARNESS Jazz Bass 1960-62 Stacked. KAISH Fully Loaded Control Plate Pre-Wired Control Plate with Wiring Harness for Fender Jazz Bass … Kwikplug Jazz Bass Wiring Harness- PRE-SOLDERED Drop-In. Sale. On sale $16.95. Watch. Well worth the extra cost for the high quality. Gunstreet Wiring Shop - Jazz Bass - Volume Bleed - Wiring Harnesses. $17.88 + $4.29 shipping *NEW LOADED CONTROL PLATE for Fender Jazz Bass Pots, Plate, Wiring & … Beautiful, easy to follow guitar and bass wiring diagrams. $21.99. I love the solderless system, as I can change pickups easily with no fuss/mess. Ready to get started. Basically the same as my standard model that has orange drop caps, but here we upgrade to vintage style WD Oil-Mylar capacitors! Obsidian Wire controls are in every one of them. Jazz Bass Pre-Wired Harness SKU: BYO-JBASS-HARNESS Our wiring harness are hand wired in our Amherst, NH shop. On sale $19.95. I was intrigued by the solderless installation, the promise of top notch components, and the glowing reviews found on all of their products, so I figured I'd give it a whirl. Love this product. first thing i thought was oh wow, how freaking cool is that.. after ALOT of searching, i purchased the obsidian wire control pots for a jazz bass as well as the control plate since mine looked pretty worn.. i also got the v-mod pickups from fender. Sale. JUST DO IT!. AAA+++. Order Status. All while offering a superior quality electronic upgrade for your Jazz Bass. Pre-Wired Jazz Bass Guitar Wiring Harness. The Dubplate is a wiring modification that's ready to drop in, it's the result of months of research and fine tuning. More available at Fender.com. (3) CTS 250k vintage taper audio solid shaft 7% tolerance potentiometers, (1) Vitamin T Oil Filled .022uf capacitor. In Stock . It provides two independent volume pots and one tone control pot. I’ve always purchased and soldered all the components myself. We use custom specified parts, perfected techniques, and hand test to ensure that your harness will be an upgrade for your guitar, from factory model to custom shop. Prewired Harness Custom Design Build Service Options Completely Customizable Wiring Harness & Electronics Coil Split & Solderless Option Available! Free shipping. I've chosen Fralin vintage J bass pickups and I have great vintage tone. Hand selected and vintage correct. Beautiful! per Piece 1.2 lb. FREE Shipping on your first order shipped by Amazon. Basic Wiring Harness Kit For Jazz Bass US Spec Pots .047uf Soviet Paper In Oil Cap 4.2 out of 5 stars 7. In this video we show you how to wire a Fender Jazz Bass, no thrills, no shrills, simple standard Jazz bass wiring. All controls are excellent quality and the workmanship is superb. done in less than 30 minutes ( as far as the wiring ) the pickguard had to be removed and cut to fit, and the old knobs didn't fit ( totally expected ) it is now done and i cannot believe the difference in tone and clarity.... STARR GUITAR SYSTEMS Wiring Harness Upgrade for Fender J-Bass: Series/Parallel Push/Pull Pot. Telecaster 4 Way Harness w/Control Plate and Knobs-CTS-Switchcraft-Sprague+ Guitar Parts, Harnesses, TELECASTER BRIDGE, With … Jazz Bass Wiring Harness For Fender VVT -Pre Wired CTS-Pure Tone Jack-.050µF CDE. The jack and pots in my 20 something year old Mexican jazz bass were a little noisy. i play a squire jazz bass, it has always sounded good and played very good. Don't let factory wiring stand in the way of your full bass tone - upgrade to this 920D Custom PB... ADD TO CART QUICK VIEW. Watch. Sale. $14.99 $ 14. In Stock . Order information. Once installed, they sound and perform KILLER! I highly recommend the Goodall team! C $66.88. All while offering a superior quality electronic upgrade for your Jazz Bass. In Stock . precision bass. Qty: Tell a Friend. Wiring Harness Kit For Jazz Bass CTS Pots NOS .033uf Sprague Orange Drop J Bass. Kwikplug Universal Two Humbucker Wiring Harness- PRE-SOLDERED Drop-In. 1960s style wiring harness for fender jazz bass with pio caps seriesparallel. The first was for a custom P-Bass. The Jazz Bass wiring harness features separate Volume controls for each of the Bridge and Neck pickups, and a Master Tone. These are brand new USA-Spec pre-wired BLEND wiring harnesses for Jazz Bass (or PJ). There is greater separation in the voicing of the notes. Gunstreet Wiring Shop - Jazz Bass - Volume Bleed - Wiring Harnesses. We have a small team of people that love crafting Pro-Wired Electronics and we take pride in producing the absolutes best. A standard Fender Jazz Bass wiring kit with only the best parts. It is “drop-in” ready and VERY easy to install! Guitarfetish Price $24.95 . The build quality is top notch and the improved tone is incredible. 1976 Fender Jazz Bass: This bass has just been set up and is ready to play! ObsidianWire Custom Select 250k Pots (Crafted by CTS) (+/-8%) Solid US Spec 1/4" Shaft, ObsidianWire Custom Select 150 Series Polyester 0.047uf Film Capacitor (+/-5%), ObsidianWire Premium Selected Volume Mod / Treble Bleed - Improved Volume Taper & Clarity, American and Mexican series Fender® J Bass - Direct Fit. The hum-canceling Ultra Jazz™ Prewired Pickup Set includes bridge and neck pickups, control plate, knobs and a complete wiring harness featuring solderless installation. Traditional Vintage Plus for Precision Bass®. Image not available. J bass style guitar wiring diagram with two single coils 2 volumes and 1 tone. My old (1993) Made In Mexico Jazz bass needed a re-wiring job and I used the Obsidian kit with a new set of "vintage noiseless" Fender brand pickups. It'll be electronically just like a typical Jazz bass-style V/V/T, with the addition of an extra volume pot (the master) in the circuit. Add some thump to your genuine Fender Jazz® or Precision® Bass with a wiring harness that sounds great, and is super easy to install with 100% solder-less connectors. In Stock . In this video we show you how to wire a Fender Jazz Bass, no thrills, no shrills, simple standard Jazz bass wiring. $37.99. or Best Offer. ObsidianWire Traditional Vintage Plus for Jazz Bass®  What a great product. I recommend them to anyone looking for a quality upgrade! .047 neck & .047 bridge. Variety of fender jazz bass wiring diagram. Les Paul 50's SL; Les Paul Coil Split SL; Les Paul Woman Tone SL; Les Paul Modern SL; Gibson SG SL; Gibson ES-335 / ES-330 SL; Gibson Les Paul jr. Wiring Harness Kit For P Bass CTS US Solid Shaft Pots Sprague .047µf Orange Drop. Free shipping. Jazz Bass Wiring Harness For Fender VVT -Pre Wired CTS-Pure Tone Jack-.050µF CDE. To view or download a diagram, click the "download" link to the right. Wiring Harness For Fender Telecaster - 250K CTS - .033µF - Prewired Tele Harness. I also bought the Jazz Bass knob set so the bass now sounds and looks proper! Solderless Harnesses. It will fit into your current control plate easily. Thanks to everyone at Obsidian. Click Here **, Reverb Drivers and Interstage Transformers, Solderless Jazz Bass Guitar Wiring Harness, Mojotone Jazz Bass Assembly Board Template. I cannot beat the quality and simplicity of installation. Absolutely the best sounding bass I’ve ever owned in over 35 years of playing bass thanks to Obsidian. Japanese Fender & Squiers - You will need to purchase a genuine Fender USA control plate and new 1/4" knobs to fit the higher grade electronics. https://obsidianwire.com/traditional-vintage-wiring-for-jazz-bass I'm impressed. 2 J-Bass Single Coils/2 Volumes/1 Tone-Typical Fender Jazz Bass Wiring; 2 J-Bass Single Coils/Blend Pot/1 Volumes/1 Tone-Jazz Bass w/ Master Volume & Balance/Blend Control; 1 Humbucker+1 Single Coil: 3-Way Toggle Switch . Made with vintage style 250K CTS audio taper pots, a .047uf Orange Drop tone capacitor, a Switchcraft output jack and vintage push-back cloth wiring. I have quite a guitar and bass collection. On sale $14.95. Gunstreet Wiring Shop - PJ Bass - 50s - Wiring Harnesses. I bought 2 of the Vintage Jazz Bass kits for a couple of Fender USA Jazz basses that I own. Unlike most other guitar wiring, the output wires from the pickups connect to the … Excellent build quality. DiMarzio Ultra Jazz Bass … Outstanding tone and easy to install. Fender … KAISH Fully Loaded Control Plate Pre-Wired Control Plate with Wiring Harness for Fender Jazz Bass J Bass Chrome. $24.95 On sale $19.95 Sale. I'll certainly be singing Obsidian Wire's praises for quite a while. Jazz Bass Wiring Harness For Fender VVT -Pre Wired CTS-Pure Tone Jack-.050µF CDE. The two volume controls blend the signals of the two pickups independently. 17* wire harness output 4-pin 24ga 9.5” 7708984000 18 bridge assy high mass vintage bass chrome 0075124000 18a base plate high mass vintage bass chrome 0075125000 18b block high mass vintage bass chrome 0075126000 18c bridge saddle hmv bass 1-2 0075127000 18d bridge saddle hmv bass 3-4 0075135000 18e screw 6-32 x 5/16 fhp zi 0076154000 18f screw cap 6-32 x 1-1/2 hex skt blx … Free shipping . All Queens Standard Output Jacks now … Amazing sound! It dropped in to the bass in a couple of minutes, four solder joints, and I was done! 1960's Style harness for Fender Jazz Bass with WD Oil-Mylar caps! The kit is perfect for converting a standard bass to an early 60s. The Ultra Jazz™ Pair set will open up the sound of your traditional Fender® Jazz Bass® with more power and harmonic overtones that virtually jump off the strings. Free shipping . I will HIGHLY recommend this mod to anyone looking for true vintage tone. Complete listing of all original Fender Bass guitar wiring diagrams in PDF format. Fender American Deluxe Precision Bass. BLEND 62 - A mod to the aforementioned 62 Jazz Bass wiring. from 43.95. Seriously, it couldn't be easier! Removed the old pots and harness from the control plate. Installation takes less than 5 min. Add only the numerical characters of the Item Number. Guitarfetish Price $20.95 . Name: Mark Rating: 5 Worked great for me! Jazz Bass Wiring Harness w/Plate & Knobs J Bass-CTS-Orange Drop-Switchcraft Guitar Parts, Harnesses, With Plates $ 49.95. This Jazz Bass wiring … Electric Guitar Pickups, Bass Guitar Pickups, Acoustic Guitar Pickups and Accessories - EMG Active & Passive Pickups - over 25 Years of Active Pickup Technology - The original active pickup. $59.00 #29. A must have mod! I look forward to upgrading all of my guitars and basses to Obsidian products. I was surprised at the results. Never again. All my guitar builds (and general fiddling about) will include the Obsidian products wherever possible. JACK & WIRING FROM PRECISION BASS FITS TELE & JAZZ! Product Details. Even though this wiring harness felt a little pricey - there are cheaper options on the market - I decided to go with it because I liked the idea of more linear pots and a high quality capacitor (and not much soldering). Sale. I also do builds for other people. Kwikplug Universal Two Humbucker Wiring Harness … 43 watching. This time I was redoing all the electronics in my 1972 Fender jazz. The J bass wiring harness has given me the most responsive and best sound tone I've ever had, the harness sits snug inside and was so simple to install, if I ever tour I will purchase another one as a backup since it would be so easy to swap over on the road with no soldering. Make Offer - Jazz Bass Wiring Harness For Fender VVT -Pre Wired CTS-Pure Tone Jack-.050µF CDE. Clear sound, no humming anymore., perfect. People listening to the music can distinguish the difference and comment on how good the bass sounds. C $44.57 + C $3.94 shipping . company information. Other Models - We cannot guarantee that these will fit any other guitar. LOVE the simplicity of the no-solder connections and the ability to work with different pickups, etc without having to de-solder and re-solder all the joints. Wiring kit for Jazz Bass includes; Switchcraft output jack; 250K CTS control pots (3).047uF Orange Drop capacitor; Non-shielded cloth-insulated push-back circuit wire: 22 AWG, white, 12" long; Non-shielded cloth-insulated push-back circuit wire: 22AWG, black, 24" long; Shielded braided push-back circuit wire… When you open the box, everything is loosely screwed to a piece of cardboard and PERFECTLY fits into the pickguard/jack plate. Installation was a breeze. Installation was a snap. Works great! I’m impressed enough that today I ordered another Obsidian 250 and another set of Gen 4’s for a MIM jazz. The ease with which these install in a no brainer but the quality of these wiring harnesses is second to none. In short - absolutely brilliant. Truly outstanding build quality. PB Staggered Bass Wiring Harness 920D Custom PB Staggered Bass Wiring Harness This 920D Custom PB Wiring Harness is a great upgrade replacement for you bass. 1 Single Coil+1 Humbucker/3-Way Toggle Switch/1 Volume Control; 1 Single Coil+1 Humbucker/3-Way Toggle Switch/1 Volume/1 Tone Control; 1 Single Coil+1 Humbucker/3-Way … I purchased the 500k Jazz wiring kit to work in conjunction with two G&L LB100 pick-ups installed on a Fender Blacktop Jazz Bass,I now have working volume pots as the stock pots dropped all volume at the 9 or less setting.I have a Pro Bass now,Love it! $35.29. Dual Mode wiring harness upgrade for Fender P-Bass! 99. They are super easy to install with 100% solder-less connectors, & make an excellent solder-less pickup change tool for ultimate guitar and bass … ✔ Solder-less Install✔ Solder-less Pickup Changes✔ Traditional  '3-Way' Control Layout✔ Improved... ObsidianWire Traditional Vintage Plus for Precision Bass®  The black lower is the tone. $37.99. Custom Order . You won't be disappointed! On sale $19.95. NEW! Electric Guitar Pickups, Bass Guitar Pickups, Acoustic Guitar Pickups and Accessories - EMG Active & Passive Pickups - over 25 Years of Active Pickup Technology - The original active pickup. View fullsize. Guitar Chord Chart. Plugged the pickups in and done. Using only the highest quality components. PREWIRED HARNESS Jazz Bass J-Bass Standard Vintage pre-wired Kit JAZZ BASS (wiring Harness, Assembly) The circuit corresponds to the standard model since 1963. Fender American Deluxe Precision Bass V. If you're in the market for a wiring kit for your bass, give one of these a shot. Our Prewired Kits offer significant advantages when compared to the wiring and components that come stock in your guitar. Pre-wired Pickguards. Standard J-Bass wiring is parallel. Gunstreet Wiring Shop - PJ Bass - Modern - Wiring Harnesses. It has transformed the sound. Kwikplug P Bass Wiring Harness- PRE-SOLDERED Drop-In. Guitarfetish Price $24.95 . $49.00. I had replaced the wiring harness several years ago and it sounded fine but I just recently replaced it again with the obsidian wire harness and it sounds much better. $14.99 $ 14. What a difference! or Best Offer.
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