Zum Inhalt springen. Marty Cagan on his new book, Inspired 2: How to Create Tech Products Customers Love – Lyssna på Marty Cagan on his new book, Inspired 2: How to Create Tech Products Customers Love av Yours Productly direkt i din mobil, surfplatta eller webbläsare - utan app. So that’s sort of the one thing I try to get them to focus on. They’re project managers. Jared Spool has a quote that I’ve used before, but I’ll use it again, he said, “it’s a widely believed myth that developers are only valuable when they’re coding.”. So, it’s again, one of those black and white differences between good companies and the rest is the way they think of engineers. Wo hier von Büchern die Rede ist, sind all diese Formate mit gemeint. When you get to scale, there are challenges that are unique where you can’t just let a team run and solve the problem on their own. We’re really excited to have you today. They’re just ridiculous. I tell teams if you’re just using your developers to code, you’re only getting about half their value. Marty Cagan, Partner at Silicon Valley Product Group and Author of Inspired: How to Create Tech Products Customers Love, shares how to craft product vision and strategy, modern best practices for product roadmapping, and his framework for prioritizing opportunities. But how do you know which problems to solve? Wir werden in diesem Podcasts Themen rund um die Rolle von Product Ownern besprechen. I’ve been following your writing for years and your blog has been peppered with team dynamics and product dynamics. About Ash Maurya. Description: In this episode of the Product Launch Podcast powered … Willkommen zu Product Paul, dem brutkasten Podcast zum Thema Produktmanagement. And an empowered product team is set up to actually solve those problems. Having learned so much, I just wanted to ask, if I could, for one more piece of advice, something we ask of all our guests. But their day job, if you will, is much more than that. Marty [00:12:49] Yeah, some people, you know, when they hear the word innovation, they think it’s got to be an iPhone or it’s not innovation. I could say, like, “oh, go sign up at Stanford for this major,” you know, maybe the d.school is the closest thing, but that’s super hard to get into anyway. There has never been more interest in becoming a product manager. I can ever remember the right title, but it’s a great book. But those books are outstanding and he’s brilliant on this stuff. In der ersten Staffel spreche ich mit folgenden Startups und Unternehmen: - Bitmovin - Eversports - Prescreen - Österreichische Post AG… Marty Cagan, Partner at Silicon Valley Product Group and Author of Inspired: How to Create Tech Products Customers Love, shares how to craft product vision and strategy, modern best practices for product roadmapping, and his framework for prioritizing opportunities. After you listen to our interview with Marty Cagan, legendary product management guru, author, and partner at SVPG, you’ll know just where you stand, and how to become a product team leader if you aren’t already one. by Marty Cagan | Nov 22, 2020. The first one, Inspired, was about how product teams actually do product work, but this is about how organizations need to set up in order to let their teams do real product work. Whether you’re new to the field or a seasoned product veteran, there’s something for you in our no-holds-barred conversation with Marty Cagan. PM Hub podcast aims to bring you fresh and unique perspectives of leaders in Product Management and Entrepreneurship. Sean [00:13:24] From the mouth of Marty Cagan. He has built many product over the last decade and while doing that shared his learnings from his experience to the world. And in most companies, the problem is not, we don’t know what problems are out there. They know the business context. Heute gibt es mal wieder einen Old-School Niels: zwar aus der richtigen Übersetzung, aber ausnahmsweise mal ohne Hörbuchanspruch. he is describing things like a Startup Canvas or a Story Board, why not add real life examples? What are the main Product activities? Marty Cagan is well practiced in the world of creating products for customers. They’re doing a little bit of design and then going to coding. Each team can release and that’s a really important principle. So it’s an important concept, but if you just frame it as prototypes is what we do to figure out the solution we need to build and products are what we ship to customers, the world is a lot cleaner, and to be honest, salespeople, CEOs, customers, everybody’s a lot more comfortable. It’s all about, you know, re-use and so that teams are much more efficient and they can focus innovation on the customer level, not reinventing the wheel. You know, there’s like a hundred different definitions out there, most of which are, you know, when I look at it, I’m going like, “this is crazy, where did these people come up with this stuff?” Then, of course, what I realized was that what’s really going on is that no matter what kind of company it is, if they’re doing technology-based stuff, they call them product teams. You can see how this is an impossible choice to pose to startup entrepreneurs! So somebody is getting into the field and they’re just starting out. Is it still a useful term in our industry? So all things considered, that is way down on my list. He’s been around since Netscape, eBay… What are we going to hear when we talk to him in a minute? But if they were going to use that quote, then clearly they probably agree that that’s a problem. They might be customer problems or business problems, but they’re hard problems. Past tense. And if so, how did they really deal with them and what did they learn from that experience? And I think one of the things that I’ve found is we can assume a product manager mindset even if we are on a delivery team. We’re coming up on the end of our time together. So roadmaps cause all kinds of problems. And I think you can assume a product manager mindset even if you are a project manager in any other sense of the term. Also, take it finance or business class. So it’s not an instant thing. It’s about, What You Do Is What [Who] You Are, something like that. Product Ownership in a Nutshell (by Hendrik Kniberg) Product Ownership Evolution Model – POEM (by Tim Klein & Oliver Winter) How to make a toast (by Tom Wujac) „Die Produktwerker“ – Product Owner Podcast. Dec 10, 2013 by Michael Aivaliotis. So, in a feature team, they are there basically to deliver these features and projects, a little design, and then lots of coding. And I was pretty surprised at how many people, because I’ve always felt that what we do in the product world is pretty specialized, but anyway, a lot of people seemed to read it and like it, which is nice. ‎Marty Cagan is the godfather of modern tech product management. Marty Cagan answers these questions and more in his interview on the Better Product Podcast, and gives context to what it takes to build the right product team. And you just need to get that out on the table. And that’s normal, in fact, in good companies, that’s not like a pipe dream. 00:58:25 ITUNES … Building for the Next One Billion Users with Google Product Manager, Joris van Mens, Product Leadership beyond Managing PMs with Product Management Guru, Rich Mironov, Maybe We Should Be Problem Managers with Author, Speaker, and Product Strategist, Steve Johnson, Invisible Product Managers with Amazon Sr. So that’s the reality. And, you know, he delivered. Marty [00:21:27] Yeah. That’s not a minor topic. Before founding SVPG to pursue his interests in helping others create successful products through his writing, speaking, coaching and advising, Marty was senior vice president of product and design for eBay. We are honored to be joined today by Marty Cagan. What is a qualified founder? Nämlich etwas möglichst günstig mit Prototypen zu validieren bevor ich es teuer baue. So just because we ship a feature that was requested or even demanded doesn’t mean that it actually solved the underlying problem. And the designers were coming up with convoluted, nested, branching filters. COMMUNITY REAL-TIME EXPLORER BEST HOT CURATED PLAYLISTS CLASSIFIEDS INTERVIEWS ACADEMY Future Squared with Steve Glaveski - Helping You Navigate a Brave New World Episode #268: How to Build Tech Products That Customers Love with Marty Cagan Aug. 20, 2018 . On the other hand, if you’re more interested in what will happen, begin by examining the level of empowerment within those companies. And you’re observing that, isn’t that helpful? Email - Stuart@CustomerDiscoverySprints.com; Customer Discovery Sprints; Stuart Balcombe from Customer Discovery Sprints. Unser Podcast; Über uns; Der Umgang mit schwierigen Stakeholdern. But whenever I run into the situation where we’re talking about you can’t release, that is like fundamental. For all of the techniques that he described it would have been so easy to provide an example, a picture, etc. And it’s much more constrained than the reality and that’s why it’s fundamentally different. So that’s a different thing. How to Create Tech Products Customers Love by Marty Cagan; Podcasts Build by Drift; Courses Customer Interviews Course; Blogs Silicon Valley Product Group (Marty Cagan) Getting in touch with Stuart. He’s responsible for business strategy, product strategy, product management, product design, user experience and product development process for leading Internet companies. Marty [00:37:28] My understanding of the book is to make an argument for outcome-based road maps, which would be good. Marty Cagan, Suchen Sie dieses Buch? EP 68 ~ Niels in Nicht-Hörbuchqualität . When working in product teams, but on platform products, so you’ve got an ecosystem of products that are dependent on one another, what risks and what risk management strategies can you undertake where you can’t just build something and release it because it’s got a component that relies on 10 other teams that are using the same thing? Marty Cagan(@cagan) und John Cutler (@johncutlefish) erwähnt. Hosted by Cyrus Eslamian. Paul [00:21:12] So I want to jump in with one in-the-weeds, tactical question for hiring managers who are looking for product managers, on the other side of the table. I want to make sure that, I talk to people all the time that tell me they want to go into a career in product management. Entdecken Sie alle Hörbücher von Marty Cagan auf Audible.de: 1 Hörbuch Ihrer Wahl pro Monat Der erste Monat geht auf uns. A lazy way to make mediocre products. Sean [00:00:18] Hi, welcome to the Product Momentum podcast, a podcast about how to use technology to solve challenging technology problems for your organization. Von Dominique Winter. Paul [00:17:16] So I want to pull on one other aspect of that, because you spend quite a bit of time, in the second edition of Inspired, you talk about what it takes to be a product manager, and it is hip, it is the aspirational career path. What is a qualified founder? by Marty Cagan | Jun 11, 2020. But it does take a level of trust with your client. … Marty [00:26:23] Well no question. Similarly, in those organizations, they’re not getting any of the benefits of even the most basic agile principles if they’re not able to release, each team, no less than every two weeks. Den Feed des Podcasts findet ihr unter https://produktwerker.podigee.io/feed/mp3. How did they overcome them? And I know every product is different so there’s no clear answer, but how important is domain knowledge in the context of building a great product? Product Leadership Is Hard. Marty [00:06:40] Yeah. I mean consistently adding value for our customers and our company, and that takes hard work. Read more…, Copyright 2020 - Product Manager Hub -- Made with Love in Toronto by Cyrus. Marty Cagan beschreibt in seinem Artikel „The Product Discovery Plan“ ausführlich, worauf bei der Planung einer Discovery noch geachtet werden soll. Marty [00:11:01] In an empowered product team, it is much more like a startup in the sense that, in a startup, the main thing the founders, you know, CEO, founder, the main thing that person is responsible for is actually two things: making sure whatever you build is actually something people want to buy, or want to use, valuable, and making sure that whatever you come up with can sustain a business. Stream Genau Mein Agil Podcast - #16 User Stories by Genau Mein Agil - Der Agile Podcast mit Philipp from desktop or your mobile device 5 min read. How likely is it that you would recommend this podcast episode to a friend or colleague? That’s the root cause, in my opinion, of most of the confusion out there about product. They’re outsourced. Product Manager, Ajit Dipak, All About Product Strategy with Silicon Valley Product Group’s Marty Cagan, How to Build a Remote Product Team with TopTal Head of Product, Johnny Chao, Peak Product Manager Framework with Tinder ex-CPO, Ravi Mehta, EQ and Product with Intersect Senior Product Leader, Chris Hirst, Product Sense – Beyond the Interview Question, Stakeholder Management for Remote Product Teams with Loblaw Digital Sr. PM, Stacey Feero, How to Effectively Run Product Experimentation with CBC Product Manager, Matthew Martin, Managing Change as a Product Manager with Productboard Consultant, Scott Baldwin, How to Coach Product Managers with Ratehub VP of Product, Scott Affleck, Four Mindsets of Influential Product Managers with Ken Sandy, From Product Bootcamps to Boots on the Ground with KOHO VP of Product, All About OKRs with Leading Global OKR Thought Leader and Trainer, Felipe Castro. So it’s hard, from the agency perspective, to do it. It changes the way you think about building products. I’m like, take a statistics course, you’re going to deal with a lot of data, get comfortable with the data analytics side. Podcast; Reading list; Newsletter; About; Contact; Marty Cagan: Empower product teams to do the best work of their lives (#31) Marty Cagan . In an empowered product team, the team has to figure that out. Now, at any company at scale that I have ever seen in my entire life, they are never fully autonomous. There are many people who believe that using templates are the scourge. You’re not given a list of features to do where you hope that maybe one of those stakeholders knew it was gonna be valuable, knew it was gonna be viable. Von Oliver Winter. When I say product teams, truly empowered product teams. That was a big change in the second edition. Which they are a product owner, but they’re nowhere near a product manager. All of the info below is based on the talk that Marty gave. Without those things, you’ve got pretty high-order problems to deal with there. So why don’t you talk about that a little bit and what you found? Now that’s the vast majority of what companies in the tech space are doing. How Joris approach building tech Products for the next billion users How does Joris and his team approach interviewing […], In this episode with Rich Mironov, you will learn: What are the main sets of challenges for Product Leaders that are different from managing individual products and how to tackle each How does a Product Leader should go about standardizing […], In this episode with Steve Johnson, you’ll learn: Why is it important to have a clear understanding of Product Management? And I’ve got, I don’t even know, I’ve never added them up, but I’ve got dozens of great examples of great products that everybody knows. Obviously Inspired and soon to be Empowered, besides those, what’s a book that comes to mind that you’d recommend to somebody who is looking to learn and get better in our field? eye 0 favorite 0 comment 0 . Empirically, it’s usually somewhere between half the items on your roadmap and 90 percent of the items on your roadmap, you will regret at the end of the year because they don’t actually do what you had hoped it would do. No question. [...], In this episode, we will talk about Emotional Intelligence or EQ and its importance in product management; initially introduced by Daniel Goleman, EQ is crucial to be an effective product manager; high level of EQ can help you boost influencing, [...]. Stream Genau Mein Agil Podcast - #16 User Stories by Genau Mein Agil - Der Agile Podcast mit Philipp from desktop or your mobile device ... Reports, Videos und Podcasts – alles, was für unsere Kunden relevant ist. I did a design sprint where we did have many designers in the room and only one engineer. Is that a paradox? And also, I have shared this before, but, the fastest way I have ever found to tell in a heartbeat whether or not a company is a feature team or a product team is to talk to any one of the engineers on the team. And the second big thing that’s a problem is when you make a roadmap of features and projects, it’s usually anywhere from a month to a year out in the future. In this episode of the Product Momentum Podcast, Sean and Paul sit down with Marty Cagan, product thought leader, mentor, and founder of the Silicon Valley Product Group (SVPG), to discuss the power of empowerment. I find it much more straightforward when I’m recruiting engineers or recruiting designers, you know, it’s more of a standard playbook we’re looking for. Marty Cagan; Spotify “Modell ” (und Teil 2) Radikaler Konstruktivismus; Dieser Beitrag wurde am 5. Marty [00:37:27] And just for the record, they didn’t talk to me about it and I didn’t review it. Marty has 35 years experience in the technology industry. So take heed, product people. Paul [00:04:04] If I could overgeneralize it, I think in the way you describe it in either the forward or the preface is, the first edition focused on the startup model and getting to product-market fit and finding that lean product model, and then in the second edition you go to Agile at scale and start talking to, how do you do this thing where the product exists in the platforms or in maintenance mode and you’re iterating and you’re trying to evolve these team dynamics within the product space. Von Oliver Winter. Ich war am Montag und Dienstag in Berlin auf einer Schulung von Marty Cagan zum Thema Produktmanagement, und die anderen Tage waren auch voll. Sean [00:32:42] All right, I got a simple question for you. Marty has 35 years experience in the technology industry. So don’t get me wrong, it’s all over the world. I think the title is Product Roadmaps Relaunched. Marty Cagan held executive product positions at eBay, Netscape, Continuus and HP; start-ups and the Fortune 500. Day two of #mtpcon Digital welcomed more incredible product speakers to our virtual stage. Many startup entrepreneurs faced with this dilemma end up focusing exclusively or almost exclusively on product due to commonly held false beliefs about marketing. In fact, if you really want an exercise in futility, just go online and try to figure out what a product manager’s supposed to do. Second, we’ll discuss the process of creating a problem which involves defining the problem, market research and pr… Paul [00:02:02] So what’s on your mind lately? I know there isn’t really a politically correct way to say this, but we’re looking for smart people. Sean [00:17:12] It’s a difficult thing to achieve, but that’s what we try to do every day. Product Tank is a monthly meet up for Product people – definitely worth while attending it. Sean [00:16:54] The struggle for us is, especially the position we are trying to be in, is that we have to add so much value that they’re actually becoming a better software development organization as a result of working with us. They are there in the software factory model. E.g. Featured Episodes . That requires a lot more empowerment. They’re using Accenture for this stuff. This November, our membership content covered topics like prioritisation, hiring and development, and OKRs. I’m definitely going to use that going forward. Marty Cagan answers these questions and more in his interview on the Better Product Podcast, and gives context to what it takes to build the right product team. Is that fair? Ash Maurya, creator of Lean Canvas and author of the very popular book, Running Lean. You know, that’s unusual with agencies. 00:00 00:00 They have to make a lot of decisions, use a lot of judgment, and so we’re looking for people that are not afraid to learn new things, that are learning new technologies every day, that are looking for what’s just now possible. And I’m not just, again, trying to be politically correct. There are many people who believe that using templates are the scourge. Marty Cagan, Founder & Partner, Silicon Valley Product Group Marty is a household name in the product community, as he travels around the country and world, helping those who are trying to navigate their respective workplaces by discussing why he believes true product management techniques can win in today’s companies. So I try to get them to rethink the role of engineers. So there is a little, you know, some academic foundation, but for the most part, it’s going to be a lot more about how you think and how you behave and those are the things that we’re really looking for when we are interviewing product managers in a good company. Yes, technically, there’s a few different kinds of people on there, but they’re a completely different purpose. Imagine being an … Sean [00:13:11] All right. They know that. Marty [00:12:07] Well, the problem an empowered product team solves is you now have teams set up to solve hard problems, whether you’re talking the iPhone, trying to figure out how to enter text on a touchscreen device, nobody’d ever done that before, you’re talking about Netflix trying to figure out a way not to lose money on rentals, or whether you’re talking about Amazon trying to figure out how to do voice control devices… These are hard problems to solve and these companies have set up to allow their teams to solve those problems. And there’s a lot of things that are bad about that. Durch einen allgemeinen Teil zu Produktmanagement und einen speziellen Fokusteil, der bei jedem Podcast variiert, sollen die Prinzipien der Lean Startup Methode anhand von Best Practices dargestellt werden. One topic, you started by framing it around platform teams, but then you went into a much more general problem, which was, what if one team, you know, is not, the word I think that a lot of people use for this is an autonomous team. These kinds of things are the foundation. And I’m like, take a course in a programing language, absolutely. We really appreciate the time you took and this conversation has been a blast. Recomendação. There has also never been so many strong and helpful voices that can help these aspiring product managers (at the end of this article I’ll share several of my favorites). But they’re not expected to be a surgeon, just like at Intuit, they’re not expected to be tax experts. Sean [00:26:51] Right. I love that. So every single company, and this is especially true the bigger you get, there are lots of dependencies always. One of the things I’ve learned is it’s much more about, you know, how they think about solving problems and coming at it with a different perspective and it’s just a different set of things we’re looking for.
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