Your email address will not be published. If not, the infection will eventually take over the chicken and claim its life. Can you see discharge coming from the eyes, mouth, and nose? This disease is also easily transmitted via infected water or contaminated objects, so it is essential to keep their living area clean and disinfected. one died of starvation I think. But when they do display symptoms, it is usually a compromised respiratory way or white paste across their back. Should I treat all my chickens with this medication are just the sick ones. Keep an eye out for these chicken disease symptoms: Swelling, sore and inflamed patches on the legs and feet. But this fungal infection can be picked up from moldy food and can also be picked up from contaminated water. There is no cure for fowl pox, but there are comfort measures that can be provided for affected chickens as well as preventative measures to avoid secondary bacterial infections caused by the lesions. Eye infections will usually pass without having done any real harm, but they should not be treated with complacency. When the eyes of a chicken are affected by eye worms, it is important that treatment is provided quickly. Eye infection treatments. This will help to prevent spreading any more infection to your eye. Fortunately, you can get a vaccine to prevent the infection taking hold, but if the chicken already has the infection. Learn how your comment data is processed. It is contracted via direct contact with other birds and is relatively contagious. Another particularly nasty one of the common chicken diseases is Infectious Bronchitis. Treatment for an eye infection can vary depending on its cause. This disease although it doesn’t usually kill chickens, can do some serious harm to your chicken’s respiratory process. Last Updated on September 10, 2020 by Pauline G. Carter. Treating bumblefoot usually requires surgery to remove the infection and problem area. This is important information for me, helping me to know more about common diseases in chickens to help me prevent chickens and chicken care better. Instead, once the bird gets the disease it must be killed and removed from the area of other chickens safely. These do not always work, but sometimes a swift course will do the job. Traditional Treatment Protocol: If it is mycoplasma, a vet would typically prescribe Tylosine or Doxycicline (antibiotics) - both of which can usually be purchased at a pigeon or chicken supply store. Related Article – List of 80 Chicken Breeds – Information and Pictures. You may not think of Thrush as one of the chicken skin diseases. Another particularly nasty one of the common chicken diseases, with a slightly questionable name, is the mushy chick. This treatment is recommended only if the eye infection is not too severe. Let’s Go …. Both of these could be indicators that your chicken is infected. Eye parasites are small microorganisms that can cause a parasitic infection in your eye. up the good work! The virus is contagious and usually infects the host for around 6 weeks and if it doesn’t kill the chicken it is defeated. On the positive side, it is a relatively easy illness to spot. If the disease is still in its infancy, you can feed your chicken Epsom salts with warm water. Effective treatment for infections in and around the eye require getting rid of the infection-causing germs and soothing any inflammation. Your best course of action is antibiotics. It usually infects chickens over 5 months old. It looks as if it has been pushed beck into her head, and it has white stuff Chicken eye infection in The Hen House - Page 1 of 1