With 100+ programs, some at many of the world’s most prestigious universities, in 41 countries, you can earn credit towards your AU degree whatever your major; learn a foreign language; and enjoy an international internship. Is American Studies the right major for you? And why not? Recent Graduates. A media studies major is a 4-year degree that teaches you to critically examine all types of media - including film, television, advertising, journalism and digital media - to understand how it impacts, and is impacted by, society. of American Studies majors . American Studies majors with law and justice will learn the context of the legal system in American society and culture. 2. History and Institutions. Our majors have presented their work at regional conferences and campus events, gaining marketable experience in endeavors that … Undergraduate majors learn about and collaborate with Native peoples from the Arctic to Patagonia and take a cross-disciplinary dive into linguistics, literature, music, visual arts, anthropology, religion, history and other areas. Perspectives on American Identity is the Writing in the Major (WIM) course for American Studies. They will take courses in literature, history, political science, philosophy, sociology, economics, media, film, and other areas to look at American identity and perspectives. Yet, American Studies majors track historical trends, an important skill for those developing products to market or engaged in corporate or financial planning. Academic Advisor, Southern New Hampshire University. Founded in 1969, the UC Davis Native American Studies Department is one of the oldest of such programs in the country. American Studies Major. Sample First Jobs. The American Studies major is designed to teach students how to engage in the critical and inter-disciplinary study of race, gender, class, sexuality, Indigeneity, political economy, imperialism and social movements in contemporary, historical, hemispheric and transnational contexts. American studies majors explore the colorful canvas of the United States, often asking what it means to be American. If you choose this major, you’ll study everything from the novels, music, and film of the United States to its politics, economy, and history. All American Studies majors are required to complete the two quarter sequence in American history (10 units) AMSTUD 150A (same … American studies graduates go into a wide range of jobs, including marketing and PR, the arts and business project management. American Studies majors as Businesspeople: Most people overlook the value of an American Studies major in preparing an intelligent person for a career in business. American Studies majors have embarked on programs around the world while taking classes that count towards graduation at home. 100% of American Studies majors from the past five years have found employment or achieved a service opportunity within six months of graduation * 100%. This interdisciplinary degree involves the study of American culture, literature, history and politics. 55 percent of AU students have studied abroad. Description: A program that focuses on the history, society, politics, culture, and economics of one or more of the Hispanic peoples of the North and South American Continents outside Canada and the United States, including the study of the Pre-Columbian period and the flow of immigrants from other societies. American Studies Major; Outcomes. Overview of the American Studies Major In an American studies program, students examine social, political, historical, and other angles of American culture. Study abroad can be a life-changing experience. An American Studies double major can be a lawyer who knows the history behind the precedent or a police officer who understands the significance of poverty or race on social behavior. Many courses offer the opportunity to spend a semester or even a year at an American university.