Therefore once again, it’s up to us what we choose and how we will decorate our kitchens. Cheaper granite worktops can cost around £170 for 1250mm thickness. Worktops Price Guide. The worktop price calculator is a system which estimates a price for your desired worktop, calculating and evaluating the price of the material, costs of cut-outs, polishing, templating, fitting etc. Worktops templated & fitted by experienced technicians. The stages such as ordering the material, cutting, polishing, templating and fitting are some of the few services that are automatically included in the price, so you shouldn’t worry about addition of any extra costs, unless of course unique requests are made. If you want a unique look for your kitchen then granite will help you achieve that. Please note the maximum length we can supply is 3200mm and anything wider than 700mm will be considered an island. Welcome to our Instant Worktop Estimator. Learn how your comment data is processed. Length Width : Islands. Though bear in mind that the online quote is still an estimated price plan, and the price plan may need to be revised once full and detailed measurements of your kitchen are recorded. We have fantastic relationships with our granite worktop suppliers which mean we’re able to pass on huge savings on our granite kitchen worktop prices. Whilst installation fees could cost around £300, which obviously adds to the price of your granite worktops, some companies will offer a discount if you choose them. 25% discount applies to Corian, Granite, Quartz, Recycled Glass, Silestone, Slab Tech, Ceramica and 60mm Solid Wood. Therefore this may also impact the overall price of the entire project, and surely can delay the installation, though not by much, as most granite companies offer installation services within a few days from the templating process. The invincibility of granite is included in the price for it and if you have any problems with it, simply contact us and we will see what we can do to make you satisfied with our product. This cost includes the price of the material and the installation cost. Absolute Benefits of having Granite Countertops, 2020 Guide to caring for your Quartz Worktops. … Using a simple kitchen layout as an example, we have created estimated costs based upon 3 ranges of quartz. Below we put together a very simple granite countertops cost calculator that simplifies the calculation. The same goes for when choosing a stone worktops for your kitchen; it could either be made from a laminate, wood or perhaps even granite, specifically granite, quartz or marble. Granite worktop price calculator and quartz worktop price calculator. Often one is merely looking to upgrade countertops to granite and therefore need only research the cost of granite. If you get in touch, we’ll be able to provide you with all the offcut details that we have in stock i.e. A copy of your quote will then wing its way to your email so you have all the information you need to hand. These are cut outs for a sink which sits on the underside of the granite or quartz worktop. This is a great way to estimate the cost of a new kitchen. Therefore remember, that when choosing a stone worktop, research it and check with the suppliers their prices in order to be sure that the price range is suiting your needs. The worktop price calculator is a system which estimates a price for your desired worktop, calculating and evaluating the price of the material, costs of cut-outs, polishing, templating, fitting etc. Looking for Granite or Quartz Worktops? Whether you are in the market for new granite worktops or even quartz worktops, we offer a wide range of different colours and styles. Also  ours Service as quickly and as efficiently as possible. Due to granite being a delicate material, it must be handled with care. the design or colour of the worktop, as well as the structure of its surface. Granite Worktop Prices – this page deals with our stock granite – for quartz worktops, please see here.. For the cost calculation, you can use granite worktop price calculator, which is an easy way to estimate the entire cost of a new kitchen. Read more, Granite Kitchen Worktops & Quartz Kitchen Worktops – Our Passion. Use our free and reliable square footage measurement calculator. We believe that our granite worktop prices are unrivalled. Perhaps it isn’t as much the case with quartz’s as they are man-made materials, thus being more popular than granite, and always available. Prices start at just £19.48, increasing to £169.55 per linear metre. Also please provide your details and the type of worktop you wish to purchase. 50% discount applies to Showroom kitchen ranges of: Laminate, Compact Laminate, Magna, DIY Slab Tech, 38mm/ 40mm solid wood. For example, with granite you will in fact gain a lot more money, because such worktops last for years! Granite fits its purpose as a worktop better than most due to its unbelievable durability, wide range of designs and here at GQworktops – its affordability. Polish granite Ltd is offering on of best granite worktops prices on UK market. If you decide to purchase directly from the manufacturer, you can skip the extra costs involved with the job. Prices across brands, types and colours of granite and quartz can vary. As mentioned earlier, it is important to note that when considering granite worktops prices, it will differ strongly depending on the product, material, supplier and colour. Our site offers the highest quality at the lowest prices. Experts in the supply, template and installation of Marble, Granite & Quartz worktops, unbeatable price match guaranteed. Of course, it is – we wouldn’t be in this business if no one would buy our products. Competitive granite and quartz worktop prices. Free, no obligation quote for kitchen worktops in quartz or granite. We have over 30 years experience in the granite industry and are now the UK's largest supplier of quartz worktops and granite worktops, specialising in kitchens, restaurants and bars. Granite installation cost is most likely included within the cost of your granite worktops if you choose the same supplier to install your worktops. Bear in mind that the shaping and cutting out process of laminate or wooden worktops is almost immediate, whereas worktops made out of stone require a little time and a lot of precision. This is because it’s rare and extremely unique, possessing a lot of the vein system, thus being very distinctive when compared to other granite. Granite worktop prices can vary between £40 and £180 per square foot in the UK. Worktop Measurements. Instant Price Calculator; About; Granite & Quartz Collection; Faqs; Contact; Worktops. The best way to get a price for your granite worktops is to send us a plan of your kitchen with a quotation request, but you can get a quick idea by using the table below. All of the installation services are very similar. m. (50 sq. If you’re interested in granite worktops, get an free, no-obligation quote today. The price calculator on our website calculates the pieces by taking the costs of big slab/s into consideration, and of course all other aforementioned services. Quartz,marble and granite worktops prices are more expensive because of materials, but if you take specific factors into consideration, it will make more sense to purchase the stone worktops. Use our online guide price calculator to generate your own price estimate. There are other cases, e.g of granite worktops called ‘Titanium’ which costs even over £800, according to different suppliers. Note that colour and materials really matter when considering the price of granite, something completely opposite to laminates and wood. Get countertop prices per square foot as well as the cost of professional countetop installation. Price calculator for granite and quartz stone kitchen worktops, sinks and taps. If you’re interested in smaller sizes fill in the form or contact us directly at [email protected]. For the cost calculation, you can use a granite worktop price calculator. Custom Shape Worktop Price Calculator Input the length and widths of your worktop measurements in Millimetres below. Apollo are renowned for making high quality granite worktops at an affordable price. Required fields are marked *. Thicker materials will have a higher cost. Once this is done and you agree with the price, or if you have any other inquiries regarding it, you can get in touch to place and order and arrange templating and installation. Use our clever six step granite calculation system, to get a price in all our granite styles … And the best thing is that the entire process takes a couple of minutes at most to complete.