To get to Einbroch, you must head to Izlude and take an Airship to Juno. I mean... Obviously you'd always take Hellfire... Or do you just choose "Spear" and you get one of them at random? Exit at Yuno then go downstairs to the terminal. Hunter Job Change NPC. If you get stuck, read through the iRO Wiki guide on this quest. Sadly, there’s no Airship in this game yet. Thanks to IGN: Palukz for the Screenshot! There are many things to do in Hugel, including Bingo and Monster Racing. Rewards. Hugel Town Lower Portal > Hugel Field 6 Lower Left Portal > Hugel Field 5 > Abyss 1. To get in Hugel, take the Izlude airship (cost 1200z). Amatsu Dungeon. First you have to go to Hugel town, located at the far northeastern of the Ragnarok world. About Hugel. When arrive in Hugel, go south, and to the south west (lower left) of Hugel, there will be 2 npcs: Eckar Ellebird – Single Monster Race This item can only be bought in a batch of 5 as the NPC does not allow the purchase of less than 5 Firecrackers at a time. Press Ctrl + ~ for the World Map. To begin this quest, you must be a level 40 or above Archer. Talk to the Airport Staff to take the airship to Hugel. Because they work in different airships, Tarlock asks you to deliver a letter to him and get his brother's reply. Off the dock is the Odin Temple dungeon. Merchant Job Change NPC – Bismark Head for Hugel Town. The International Ragnarok Online server (iRo) has not officially anounced the Hugel update, but early in the new year, probably January or February 2007 would be a likely guess.Currently episode 10.4 is on Korean, Japanese, and Chinese Ragnarok servers. An entertainment explosive that makes beautiful fireworks in the sky when it is lit. First a Maze of shadows and trick walls to test your strength, endurance, and intellect. You receive Tarlock's Letter. One-Time Rewards. You can also ask a Priest or Acolyte to warp you to Hugel. I need to get the milk delivered by tomorrow, so I really need Burupu back! There's an event version of Firecracker that produces a different effect from the regular Hugel Firecracker. A firecracker that shoots up into the sky when lit. You can get married at the Prontera Church which you can find at the following coordinates - Prontera City, Capital of Rune Midgard(prontera) : 234, 314. Overview. From Juno, you then take another airship to Einbroch. Okay, I’m gonna share a guide about the Hugel Monster Race. Do you get to pick from a list of Spears? Looking for Airship to Hugel? You can get married at Hugel which you can find at the following coordinates - Hugel, the Quaint Garden Village(hugel) : … Note: In order to get to Hugel, you have to take an airship ride from Izlude to Juno, and another airship ride from Juno to Hugel. Monster Races are a big part of the Hugel experience. Next, a mysterious Underground Forest … Amatsu 01, Amatsu 02, Amatsu 03. Easy to Difficult . 3. Talk to all of them until you get to Culvert. Notes. Thank you, you're a lifesaver! Located in the upper north east of the Schwarzwald Republic, Hugel is home to the Hunter guild. Hugel Race - posted in Ragnarok Online Community Chat: So lets say you manage to get 1500 medals and you want to buy a Spear. You should be able to find him somewhere just outside of town." However, only singles are enabled in Shining Moon RO and with a few adjustments. Please note that it might not be available on all servers. Story “No one asked anyone where they came from, what they did, and how they got here.” 10,000 Base EXP; 3 Fruit Mix (DEX +3) Repeatable Rewards So the Hunter Job Change NPC can be found on Payon Field 10. The races take place every 3 minutes, and players are allowed to place bets on which monster they think will cross the finish line first.Players can buy a Monster Ticket for 100,000z per event, with the events alternating between singles and doubles. Hugel is the Garden City. Hugel.