That’s why they guarantee every order we ship will be 100% Alive On Arrival or they will replace it free of charge. They will even cover the shipping on the replacement. Between bright red and burgundy in hue and graced with sharply tapered, flame-like fronds, it adds a splash of color and texture to any refugium or … They even do well with dwarf shrimp since they are small in sizes that are about 1-2cm. Depending on the species, they are found in a variety of colorations ranging from bright red to dark purple but most will have flattened ends on each branch that are usually bright pink. A great element to add to high flow refugiums, algae reactors and inventive displays. Uniquely shaped macroalgae grows in spherical clumps. If your order does not ship complete for any reason, we will automatically upgrade your account to Preferred Reefer and give you $20.00 (2000 BRS Reward Points) that can be used on any future order. The Pom Pom Crab (PTYCHOGNATHUS BARBATUS) is a fully aquatic freshwater crab! Typhoons boost nitrogen and phosphorus cycling and accumulation in deep waters. Every item sold includes our 30-day money back guarantee. More specifically, does a lack of red/white light deprive the macro algae of the spectrum it requires to thrive? We’ll issue your refund to the original form of payment. If other items are on the order, they will ship normally with the shipment method selected, and drop ship items are not eligible for upgraded shipping methods. Please. We’ll issue your refund to the original form of payment minus a small 10% restocking and handling fee. However the most prevalent are green and red. Looks like a green sponge, but has no pores. In addition to eating food items that collect on the patches of hair ("pom poms") that grow on its claws, it feeds on algae and detritus in the aquarium and will also readily accept high-quality dry foods rich in plant matter. The Freshwater Pom Pom Crab (Ptychognathus barbatus) is a crustacean in the Grapsidae family. We cultured this macro algae for the past 5 years, It's finally available for sale and it's a stunner. can remain viable but not visible, despite the strict quarantine procedure. The typhoons significantly changed the nutrient levels in the deep waters as well as the thermocline position. Increased typhoon-driven organic matter input, algae sinking and heterotrophic decomposition interacted with each other to cause steep and prolonged increases of total nitrogen, ammonium nitrogen and total phosphorus in the bottom waters of the reservoir. Only registered users can write reviews. How To Add PomPom Gracilaria to your Aquarium. After that, visit and submit the form. OceanMagik Live Phytoplankton - AlgaeBarn, CleanChaeto - Live Chaetomorpha Algae - AlgaeBarn, Ultimate CleanChaeto Refugium Starter Package - AlgaeBarn, EcoPods - 4 Live Copepod Species - AlgaeBarn, Pom Pom - Live Pom Pom Gracilaria Algae - AlgaeBarn. Download : Download high-res image (185KB)Download : Download full-size image. Dragons Tongue macroalgae is a wonder. Earn 1,200 Reward Points, Orders placed before 3:30 pm (CST) Mon-Fri will ship the same day and if your order is over $29 it will ship for FREE. They will even cover the shipping on the replacement. Pom Pom Crab (Ptychognathus Barbatus) is a fully aquatic dwarf crab for freshwater planted aquarium. The Pom Pom Gracilaria hayi, also known as the Red Bush Macroalgae, is an exceptionally beautiful, flame shaped macroalgae. Beautiful macroalgae comes in a variety of colors. They are extremely peaceful and have minimal dietary and tank requirements.