Crafting Arrows with the Platinum Skill '"Making Arrow" The Skill can be obtained by talking to the Platinum Skill NPC located in Prontera Building (39,114) Arrow Creation sorted by Arrow Type 3rd Option- Buy pre-made arrows players Most convenient but the most expensive. Those are not available at NPC shops and can instead be … To do the most damage you can, you'll be using skills constantly, which means a lot of SP is required. Has a short duration, so keep an eye on the timer. Terminate stuff with your cart. Merchant Platinum Skills Quests. For instance, Axe weapons deal 75% damage to Medium sized monsters, and only 50% to Small ones. Otherwise, it's going to be pretty much a grindfest, but it'll be over soon enough if you're diligent, and you'll have a maxed out Whitesmith to farm loads of zeny, forge weapons with, and even participate in WoE if you're so inclined. After all, that's what you are - a Novice! You have a few ways to get around this: The Party (aka. Ideally you should have a High Priest buddy along with you to provide critical buffs like Blessing, Aspersio, and Assumptio, as well as cards and other gear that can increase your Attack Speed (Berserk Potions, one or two Doppelganger cards, Horn of the Buffalo/Thorn Buckler set, etc.) Okay, so to be honest, Merchants don't really have a whole lot to work with when it comes to skills. Leaf cats are one of the best things you can kill to get job xp. 1.3 Download TalonRO. Bug Reports (35872 visits to this link) Even though it takes a “quest” to get to this level of the dungeon (not to mention quite a bit of a walk), you'll be glad you did. This build can make 4000+ damage when using EDP and can kill some Lord Knight. Unfortunately like everyone else, you have to start as a poor little Novice. This guide will tell you exactly where and how to get the skills Sand Attack, Back Sliding, Pick Stone and Throw Stone for your Thief in Ragnarok Online (RO). Again,please keep @autoloot on. After that, you'll be able to make your very own first character on TalonRO, and be able to dive right in as a new Novice into our capital city of Prontera. The rental items are very nice, especially if you're on a tight budget, and this is the only way to get Bronze Coins aside from Map of the Week. Greed (Platinum): Full Adrenaline Rush (Soul Link): Why? Gives your attacks a small chance per hit to break the weapon and/or armor of your targeted enemy. 2.2 Beyond The Novice Building with Gustav. A little trick to keeping everyone buffed is to use your own buff duration as a guide to when you should refresh everyone else's buffs! ), and a modest investment in LUK, a Crit build for a Whitesmith is quite doable, though a bit gimmicky. They do have Frost Diver though and, while it doesn't do much damage, getting frozen is rather irritating considering how slow they move, therefore Marc armor is advised. The Job Changer is located inside the building just Southwest of where you spawn in Prontera. It's that time again! Unlock this skill by visiting the Great Wizard inside the Mage Guild in Geffen. Most of this guide is based on theory rather than experience, compiled from other guides and sources. Use this skill to have you and your party ignore those size penalties and do 100% damage to whatever you hit. Cart Revolution (Platinum): : Note that, for the most part, unless you have a Hell Poodle carded Clip or Belt by this point (you probably don't), Meat just won't cut it anymore as a quick healing item, so you may want to consider switching to White Potions, or else have a Priest follow you around when you fight the higher attack monsters. Unlike Over Thrust, this buff will NOT affect your party. Stings occasionally drop Gloves, which are an SQI ingredient, not to mention their cards which go for a hefty price themselves. This is where game economy comes into play! Only one map south of Payon town is a map packed with these things (Though they can also be found deeper in Pronera Culverts). Player stats are demonstrated in six categories each with its own unique role to help your character out on their adventure! : Again, this is the reason you wanted a Smith. Stupid amounts of damage and up to a 50% chance to stun your target, but make sure to keep an eye on Cart Boost. A player who's looking for these specific items to buy! Super Novices are the most versatile among all classes have "true freedom" in build and skills. Be reminded that this only works in town. Fear not though! Melt Down (Whitesmith): This skill helps a lot on making gap between you and enemies, however, be aware that making a gap while using matyr’s reckoning with knife is not necessary and would cause disadvantage to you. Increase your ATK by up to 25% at the cost of a small chance to temporarily lose the use of your weapon. To see your items you can use the shortcut, Alt + E, to open your Inventory window as well as Alt + Q to view your currently equipped gear. Grape Juice is also super-common on this server, so you don't have to worry about running out of SP either. Increases Attack Speed (ASPD) and Flee to dodge enemy attacks. 2 Let's Start in Prontera. Soloing is a bit more difficult, since either way you want to reduce damage (flee or DEF) can get pretty expensive. In order to access the skill window, you can find it with the ROdex (Alt + `) or opening the window itself with Alt + S. Here's an example of how it looks like: Items are obtained from killing monsters and completing quests. Provides the unique mechanic, Perfect Dodge (PD), per every 10 Luk. Axes and Maces are naturally unbreakable anyway, and even if you're not using one, it's not anything to fret over considering you also have Weapon Repair. Nice explanation about your first steps, and very important NPCs like Job Changer and Skill Reset NPC Interface Guide 1. ... Kerokeroppi of TalonRo. Okay, so let's assume that by this point, you've decided to create a new Whitesmith character. However if you want to learn a little more of what you can do in the game, you can do some further reading here! They are a little hard to hit though, so make sure you have the DEX to handle them. Remember me Not recommended on shared computers. Talk to her and check Weekly Bonuses to see what the current Monster, Map, and Minigame of the week is. To get started on TalonRO, we'll want to make sure that we have our account set up in order to play! Let's walk through the steps: That's all there is to it! Increase Weight Limit: Exactly what it says on the tin. For the Party option, you can hide and leech entirely off your Priest as he uses Turn Undead on every Anubis in sight, or be the primary damage dealer and have your Priest act as support. The safest, though more tedious way, is to stay at places like Sleepers, Stings and High Orcs until 99, or else farm zeny and buy yourself a leech at Nameless Island Abbey (requires quest) or Thor's Volcano (no quest). TalonRO is pleased to partner once more with GoFundMe Charity this holiday season in our annual fundraiser to benefit Doctors Without Borders. Great! This stat also shortens the animation delay of skills letting you cast it more often provided the skill has no after cast delay! You have absolutely no excuse to not have this buff on all the time throughout your entire Whitesmith career. Where'd all the shops go!? Works similarly to !whosell but pulls up a list of players buying the specified item instead! Along with the Kafra Agents, I will help you through your path in getting started on TalonRO! You're fresh out of the tutorial, 10 000 zeny in your pockets. Unless you have those though, stick to killing one or two at a time at your lower levels, until you're sure you can tank them all. 1 minute ago Guest 1 minute ago Atreidez. This skill allows the character to ride a Peco Peco. Spores also drop Strawberries occasionally which, once you get Mammonite, are a nice alternative to Grape Juice. Spam potions as you do so, since being hit by so mant monsters will drain your HP really quickly. Energy Coat reduces damage from physical attacks by draining SP. They're essential gear to block the skills of many popular monsters. : 1.1 Sign up for your master account. In Ragnarok Online, a character's abilities and skills are defined by their class (also known as job). Lets your character sit down, restoring HP and SP at an increased rate as long as you aren't overweight. Thief Bugs and Tarous are also easy enough to kill if you're carrying some meat to heal yourself with. 1 minute ago Sefira. Just enough to make sure you hit whatever you want to be killing 100% of the time. If you're having trouble hitting an enemy with your attacks or if you're getting hit a lot, stun them for a bit so you can actually get some damage in or get away. : If there's anything else you might want to know about the marketplace, you can read more about it over here! That's up to 120 characters at your disposal! This NPC can be found near your spawn in any city. I’m ICE from Youtube Kamonway. Using this command should bring things back to normal! Orc Hero: Gain immunity to the Stun status. In this tab, you have the option to lock these items so it doesn't show up when selling items to NPC. Super Novices only can equi… : In this case, you should basically be doing what you've been doing to everything else so far: CT/Mammo until they die. Being aware of those little things may be what helps save your party from trouble if ever! These weapons are the reason you will blow through these levels like an SUV through a snowdrift in a car commercial. If you want to test your luck, this is one of the best places to do it. You can locate the window for these with the ROdex (Alt + `) or simply opening the window itself with Alt + A. Tirfing/Penomena carded shield (Optional), Deviling carded garment (Optional, but recommended), Any high ATK weapon (Refined Light Epsilon recommended), Flee-boosting gears (Pantie/Undershirt, Whisper/Kavach Icarus garment, Mysteltainn shoes, Stormy Knight headgear, etc. Like Discount, this is another skill that can go on another Merchant if you really want. Easy reward system. The damage is increased significantly when the cart is completely full. This means that you can get yourself to level 99 as an easier class to level such as a Priest or Hunter and transcend into a Whitesmith if you want (Which I recommend actually. Like targeting a player by clicking on their name in the window. it really isn't all that much. These items are needed in order to craft Super Quest Items, and are always in high demand from players. Unfair Trick (Platinum): Together, these drops can be overcharged for over 1400 zeny, not to mention they drop far more consistently than Cakes or Pearls from Myst Cases. Aside from Ragglers, they're all Water property though, so you should do fine if you have a Wind weapon (and something else in case you run into the aforementioned Ragglers). Mammonite and Cart Termination can be spammed as fast as your normal attack speed, so this can be rather important, especially if you don't have access to one or more Doppelganger cards (not to mention a slot to put it in). VIT + 3. Unfortunately these guys hit even harder than Sleepers do, and quite a bit faster as well. Tirfing. See above, only this works with ALL melee weapons. It's at this point you may want to consider buying a leech for your smith. Using this custom item will get you a random unslotted mid-headgear.