Trump has vowed to challenge the election results through recounts and fraud investigations, although his supporters are waiting to see the evidence. I love how it exists, but there’s nothing to see here & it isn’t real…that’s hilarious! One popular rumor concerned something called “Hammer and Scorecard.” While this rumor was wide ranging, it basically held that a “deep state” supercomputer named “Hammer” and a computer program called “Scorecard” were being used to alter vote counts. Every state also has laws and processes to verify vote tallies before results are officially certified. They Don't Want You To See This Published November 7, 2020 32,148 Views. According to USA Today, the Justice Department cleared Gibbons of wrongdoing after a computer expert cast doubt on the authenticity of the emails that had been provided by Montgomery. It returns to Pennsylvania at the 00:40 mark, and pay close attention here. McInerney says the software was designed all the way back during President George W Bush’s first term in office. Having owned two separate software companies, if they had access to the I/O feeds, it would be simple push update, an already trained AI object from earlier voting and they could easily determine the variance % in the day. It would have gone across the country and it explains a lot of what we’re seeing. DOJ has evidence that ‘Scorecard’ and ‘Hammer’ software was used to digitally change votes from Trump to Biden Nita L. 3 weeks ago in Politics It appears that 3% of all ballots from early voting were ILLEGALLY changed digitally … Tom Fitton is the president of Judicial Watch, an American conservative activist… ", An online advertisement read: "Identical Twins Marry Identical Twins - But Then The Doctor Says, 'STOP'.". KDRTV News New York -President Donald Trump and the Republican Party have now claimed that Hammer and Scorecard software was used to rig elections in favor of former Vice-President Joe Biden who is almost being declared a winner in just concluded Presidential elections. Evers & Kenosha Leaders: You Failed Us [OPINION], Campus survey: 42 percent of students say their college doesn’t empower free speech, Alleged Lancaster ‘Rioters’ Arrested: $1 Million Bail Set for Accused. By United Patriot News. At the same time, Biden picks up that EXACT amount, mysteriously gaining to 1,272,495. State procedures often include testing and certification of voting systems, required auditable logs, and software checks, such as logic and accuracy tests, to ensure that ballots are properly counted before election results are made official. Voting in … McInerney says two pieces of software called “Hammer” and “Scorecard” are being used by democrats as a “super weapon” for voter fraud. These canvass and certification procedures are also generally conducted in the public eye, as political party representatives and other observers are typically allowed to be present, to add an additional layer of verification. Trump somehow LOST votes, giving his total at 1,670,631, which is a loss of 19,958 votes! investigators were told by co-workers of Mr. Montgomery that he had repeatedly doctored test results at presentations for government officials,” The Times claimed. A court hearing is scheduled for Aug. 12. Remember all the poles had Hillary winning by a. By Brannon Howse, 11 November, 2020. The NEP is a consortium of major news networks — ABC, CBS, CNN and NBC — that pools together resources to gather vote and exit poll data. Inventor and software designer Dennis Montgomery, a CIA/DOD/DHS/NSA/FBI contractor-turned-whistleblower, alerted FBI Director James Comey’s office in 2015 that President Obama’s CIA Director John Brennan and Obama’s Director of National Intelligence James Clapper had turned the super-surveillance system that Montgomery designed for foreign surveillance, known as THE HAMMER… Walter Wallace Jr. Criminal Record, History & Rap Sheet, Chisholm’s Joseph Mensah Decision Coming Wednesday: Family, Wisconsin EDC says Foxconn cannot get tax credits without new contract, Joseph Mensah’s Police Officer Girlfriend Shares Photos of Injuries, Corrections Secretary Emphasized ‘Systemic Discrimination’ Day After DOC Building Burned to Ground. By Brannon Howse, 11 November, 2020. In fact, what this video shows isn’t even very unusual. Landslide. It’s just that – nonsense. Ronald Reagan, Karl Marx, what's the difference? Hammer is a software built by Dennis Montgomery for the CIA. Rumor has it the infamously named town has officially been bowdlerized. However, Sydney Powell, Federal Appeals Attorney and counsel for General Flynn, brought up the Hammer and Scorecard software used to change votes. From ‘Hammer’ and ‘Scorecard’: Lt. Gen. McInerney explains the election hack by Democrats The General described “Hammer” and “Scorecard,” a pair of programs initially designed for the CIA before being privatized by Deep State players from This is not a real thing, don’t fall for it and think 2x before you share. In February 2009, the Obama administration commandeered a powerful supercomputer system known as THE HAMMER. #Protect2020.”, To be crystal clear on ⬇️, I’m specifically referring to the Hammer and Scorecard nonsense. Hammer and Scorecard Software: What Is It? 12 0. Elections are rigged. As the Daily Beast explains it, it refers to a “deep-state supercomputer” named “Hammer” and a computer software named “Scorecard” that some people believe were used to alter the ballot count in favor of former Vice President Joe Biden and to the detriment of President Donald Trump. Using this software Hammer and Scorecard is risky and look now it’s becoming exposed more everyday after the coop against Trump. This was a stolen election. Published by Auto on 7 November 2020 7 November 2020 Dan Turcan – Nov 7, 2020 To be clear, there is no evidence that hammer and scorecard is true. An emotional image of a West Point graduate is often shared as an example of a person achieving the "American dream. U.S. President Donald Trump's Department of Justice has killed death row inmates in a number unprecedented in the modern era, and more are scheduled to die. Rumors about the existence of a CIA supercomputer called HAMR (or commonly, “Hammer”) can be traced to a man named Dennis Montgomery. At this point, it is a documented fact that various computer software programs like Hammer, Scorecard and Dominion were used to changed … Chris Krebs, of, wrote on Twitter, “Same as yesterday, Hammer and Scorecard is still a hoax….I’m specifically referring to the Hammer and Scorecard nonsense. Computer expert Dennis Montgomery developed software programs that could breach secure computer systems and collect massive amounts of data. We have seen a lot of this information; but, this one is very clear and concise. A viral anti-vaccine video mangles the science behind the production of a potential COVID-19 vaccine. “We believe these people are thieves. It’s on the YouTube page of the Lyndon LaRouche pac; according to The New York Times, LaRouche was a controversial cult-like figure. Subscribe 265 Share. CISA Director Kreb’s message about the Hammer and Scorecard rumors bears repeating: “Robust safeguards including canvassing and auditing procedures help ensure the accuracy of official election results,” and that it is not true that a “bad actor could change election results without detection.”. We explained how they work in an article last week, but the gist is this: “Hammer” or “THE HAMMER” is a counter-intelligence surveillance program used to spy on activities on protected networks (like voting machines) without detection while “Scorecard” is a vote-manipulation application that changes votes during transfer. Can a candidate receive more than 100% of the vote, recorded in a locale that isn't real? Hammers provides ground software products for satellite real-time dynamic simulation, command and control, trending and analysis, operations automation, and operations planning. As the Daily Beast explains it, it refers to a “deep-state supercomputer” named “Hammer” and a computer software named “Scorecard” that some people believe were used to alter the ballot count in favor of former Vice President Joe Biden and to the detriment of President Donald Trump. ‘Hammer’ and ‘Scorecard’: Lt. Gen. McInerney explains the election hack by Democrats The General described “Hammer” and “Scorecard,” a pair of programs initially designed for the CIA before being privatized by Deep State players from the Obama administration. You may have wondered what the term refers to. Now let’s change how we fund education, UW Economist: Wisconsin economic comeback started with end of Safer At Home, Ballotpedia has tracked 132 lawsuits regarding public-sector union policy since Janus decision, Op-Ed: Voting is not a constitutional right, but counting them is, The Sunday Read: K-12 remote learning is flaming trash, Ted Perry: McConnell Death Post Was Outrageous But Don’t Cancel Him. However, it is not evidence of wrongdoing. Whoever that person on the viral call may be, you should know Canadian medical organizations have released statements refuting his comments. This transcript is made possible as a public service of The Worldview Weekend Foundation. For example, American Report claims that Scorecard works by tampering with “transfer points” between state computers and third-party election data vaults. These are not tinfoil hat people. “Now, federal officials want nothing to do with him,” a Times article reported, alleging that some believe he “bamboozled federal officials.” The Times reported that the technology “appears to have been a hoax.”. And the New York Times is SUCH a reliable and unbiased source….nice balanced reporting there bud. Montgomery, now whistleblower, came forward with 47 hard drives of evidence alleging that under then-president Barak Obama, the software had been “commandeered” and used against private citizens in the United States. He has denied wrongdoing in a lawsuit. As an intelligence contractor at the height of the War on Terror, Montgomery was behind what’s been called “one of the most elaborate and dangerous hoaxes in American history,” churning out allegedly fictitious data that once prompted the Bush administration to consider shooting down airplanes. The article claims that “VR Systems Inc” is one of these transfer points, but VR Systems’ COO told Lead Stories that “VR Systems does not do voter tabulation and is not connected to county or state voter tabulation systems.”. The New York Times has called Montgomery a “California computer programmer” who claimed he had technology to catch terrorists. Hammer & Scorecard, CIA Software to Rig Elections, General McInerney Blows Whistle w/ Steve Bannon An article published on American Report in October 2020 claimed that U.S. President Barack Obama commandeered this supercomputer shortly after taking office in 2009, used the “Scorecard” program to steal the election in 2012, and that this program was being deployed again to steal the election for Biden in 2020. I don't know a lot about McInerney, his Wikipedia page says he is a decorated general from the … Is There a ‘Hammer and Scorecard’ Operation to Manipulate Vote Counts? 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That would have amounted to a massive change in the vote. Flynn’s Lawyer Sidney Powell Hammers ‘Hammer’ and ‘Scorecard’ Election Fraud Software. U.S. District Court Judge G. Murray Snow found that Montgomery’s evidence amounted to “junk,” and Arpaio agreed. When Judge Snow suggested that the materials provided by Mr. Montgomery were “junk,” Deputy Sheridan and Sheriff Arpaio agreed. The NEP works with the consumer research firm Edison Research to collect timely and comprehensive election data on Election Day and in the following days, weeks and months until results are certified by all states. In order to avoid falling afoul of the age-old axiom, "Who deduced it produced it," all we'll say is that the audio is authentic. The fact-checking website Lead Stories also notes that some of the specifics in the American Report article don’t hold up to scrutiny. The safeguards your spouting are ridiculous if not absurd. Sidney told Lou’s audience about the Hammer and Scorecard software that was used to steal Trump votes in Michigan. Get the Facts: The systems and processes used by election officials to tabulate votes and certify official results are protected by various safeguards that help ensure the accuracy of election results. In this video, it’s easy to see SCORECARD working in real time. Hammer and ScoreCard switched 19,958 votes live on TV from Trump to Biden in the Pennsylvania Presidential Race! Wisconsin business groups voice opposition to Evers’ list of coronavirus cases, How the Media Distorted the Serb Hall Trump Rally Story, Biden Milwaukee ‘Rally’ Is Vision for America: 12 People in Bubbles, Reports: Biden’s tax plan would increase taxes across the board, estimates vary by how much, Federal judge extends Wisconsin’s absentee ballot deadline, Op-Ed: With right holiday pricing, USPS can ‘sleigh’ financial expectations, Biden: Americans Should Wear Masks OUTSIDE for Three Months, New Mexico AG leads call for consumer protections in new airline legislation, Wisconsin’s new coronavirus positives mostly young people; Deaths, hospitalization older folks, Waukesha School District Has 19 Positive Staff, Student COVID-19 Cases, Republican lawmakers attempt to steer Gov. blog zuma trump shouting KDRTV News New York -President Donald Trump and the Republican Party have now claimed that Hammer and Scorecard software was used to rig elections in favor of former Vice-President Joe Biden who is almost being declared a winner in just concluded Presidential elections. Apparently, there was a whistle-blower claiming Obama used in U.S. elections. It’s a video showing a momentary error that was quickly fixed thanks to the numerous safeguards in place to protect the integrity of elections. The above-displayed video shows a momentary error in these real-time results. Lieutenant General’s Finding: Democrats using “Hammer” and “Scoreboard” Software to Change Votes at Will. You are being lied to by your phone, television, and your deep state government. Nov. 9, 2020 (EIRNS)—Sidney Powell, Esq., Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn’s defense attorney, and Tom Fitton, president of Judicial Watch, appeared on Fox Business with Lou Dobbs on Nov. 6—where Powell revealed a secret computer program, designed in the National Security Agency, which needs … We’ll take a closer look at this rumor in the article below. I figured this might be interesting to those trying wanting to catch up on Hammer/Scorecard software. Rumor: A bad actor could change election results without detection. Embed Share. Montgomery was also accused of deceptive practices in 2014 when he claimed to have evidence of a conspiracy against Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio. McInerney claims the software was designed during the first term of President George W Bush.… This material may not be reproduced without permission. Yes folks, we’re to believe that cheating at an election using a computer is a conspiracy theory. In 2006, F.B.I. Federal officials came to believe that he had sold antiterrorism technology that proved to be a hoax. What does hammer and scorecard mean, and what is it? Your vote does not count. There are many reasons to take these claims with a hefty dose of salt. Retired U.S. The HAMMER, the Software, and the Whistleblower Tapes with General McInerney and Mary Fanning. “C.I.A. Read about the nefarious government software at this link: ‘The Hammer’ And ‘Scorecard’: Weapons Of Mass (Vote) Manipulation? We’re very much only … Hammer & Scorecard, CIA Software to Rig Elections, General McInerney Blows Whistle w/ Steve Bannon. Gibbons, who was elected governor in 2006 after five terms in Congress, had steadfastly denied any wrongdoing despite claims by Dennis Montgomery that eTreppid Technologies LLC founder Warren Trepp lavished Gibbons with money and a Caribbean cruise in exchange for help winning contracts for his company. According to the website American Report, Montgomery, whom the website describes as a “CIA contractor-turned-whistleblower,” designed and built this supercomputer. Montgomery is a software designer and computer expert who worked as a government contractor for the CIA, FBI, NSA, and Defense Department. A supercomputer called "Hammer" and a software program called "Scorecard" are being used to alter vote counts in the U.S. presidential election of 2020. We recently saw the same misleading advertising network "arbitrage" ploy about a celebrity's net worth used on "Jeopardy" game show host Alex Trebek. The vast majority of votes cast in this election will be cast on paper ballots or using machines that produce a paper audit trail, which allow for tabulation audits to be conducted from the paper record in the event any issues emerge with the voting system software, audit logs, or tabulation. It’s just that – nonsense. Sidney Powell Publicly Calls Out HAMMER And SCORE CARD Election Fraud Software On Lou Dobbs by Michael Suede • November 7, 2020 Jim Gibbons was guilty of bribery. That would have amounted to a massive change in the vote.”, The Director of CISA has dismissed the claims about Hammer and Scorecard altering vote counts, and these rumors originate with a man who has a long history of making deceptive claims. Evers’ coronavirus order through statehouse, USDA free-lunch waiver draws Republican scrutiny, Felony Referred Against Wauwatosa Bicyclist ‘Comrade Brandon’ After Officers Injured, Wisconsin residents who used to live in Illinois could be entitled to Facebook settlement, Court document shows Joe Biden listed as possible witness with son in fraud case, Analysis: Staggers Rail Act deregulation has enabled rail industry to thrive even during times of national crisis, Op-Ed: The civil rights legend who opposed critical race theory, Tripp Grebe’s Censored Op-Ed Opposing Defunding the Police [READ HERE], Tom Barrett Has Failed Milwaukee’s Black Community. He also claimed to be a “confidential information” for former Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio, according to Daily Beast. Shipp gives extensive documented proof that both Dennis Montgomery and his super-secret program are a hoax. ***** The HAMMER, the Software, and the Whistleblower Tapes with General McInerney and Mary Fanning By Brannon Howse… Hammer/Scorecard Software (Summary Video) Posted by GeauxFightingTigers1 on 11/8/20 at 3:36 pm. More than 100,000 people watched the below video furthering the theory. The former Air Force general disclosed two software called “Hammer” and “Scorecard” used by the leftists as a superweapon in sabotaging the votes. That system, THE HAMMER, according to the audio tapes, accessed the phone calls, emails and bank accounts of millions of ordinary Americans. Snopes and the logo are registered service marks of CNN, like most news networks, uses data from the National Election Pool to provide real-time election results during their coverage. 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Reality: Robust safeguards including canvassing and auditing procedures help ensure the accuracy of official election results. A supercomputer called "Hammer" and a software program called "Scorecard" are being used to alter vote counts in the U.S. presidential election of 2020. Some have said this is a “computer glitch”. HAMMER software fraud in real time. Check out Rumor Control for more info on the security safeguards built into elections. All you provided in this article is name calling and ZERO technical details. Explosive:  Sidney Powell (woman on the right) is a conservative attorney and author who was hired to represent former Donald Trump national security adviser Michael Flynn. At the 00:04 mark, the video shows Trump 1,690,589 and Biden 1,252,537 … then the video cycles through the other ‘crucial’ states of Wisconsin, Arizona and Michigan. Evers from publishing coronavirus business list, again, Report: Wireless tax burden highest ever, impacting low-income users the most, Wisconsin inches closer to certifying Biden win, WILL asks that Racine Public Health Boss be held in contempt, Op-Ed: The pandemic has changed education. nominated to in 2018 by U.S. President Donald Trump. Yes, but not everywhere, Ohio’s Portman pushes for state’s craft beer industry, President Trump sues to overturn Wisconsin vote certification, Judge stops Wisconsin Gov. You may have seen the terms “hammer and scorecard” or the name Dennis Montgomery floating around social media in connection with election 2020, especially in conservative circles. 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According to Daily Beast, Dennis Montgomery, a “former intelligence contractor and self-proclaimed whistleblower” claims he created hammer and scorecard. What Trump allies tend to leave out, however, is that Montgomery has a long history of making outlandish claims that fail to come true. According to military sources, THE HAMMER was a powerful foreign surveillance tool intended to monitor terrorists and other foreign adversaries. Amid COVID-19 lockdown rules in 2020, social media users appeared to "discover" a brand new quotation from the classic dystopian novel "1984.". Here’s a PBS report about some of Montgomery’s fraudulent claims: Despite Montgomery’s history of deception, his claims about Hammer and Scorecard transitioned from the fringes to the mainstream when Fox News’ Lou Dobbs interviewed Sidney Powell, the attorney for former Trump national security adviser Michael Flynn, on Fox Business. Every state has voting system safeguards to ensure each ballot cast in the election can be correctly counted. WE NEED MORE INFORMATION, NOT NAME CALLING! Sidney Powell, Tom Fitton, Lou Dobbs discuss #Hammer & #Scorecard. THE HAMMER includes an exploit application known as SCORECARD that is capable of hacking into elections and stealing the vote, according to CIA contractor-turned-whistleblower Dennis Montgomery, who designed and built THE HAMMER. Sidney Powell: They need to investigate the likelihood that 3% of the vote total was changed in the pre-election voting ballots that were collected digitally by using the Hammer program and the software program called Scorecard. He filed for personal bankruptcy that year, over mounting gambling debts.